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Petplan Stats and Facts

Vet of the Year 2009

On Petplan's quest to discover the Vet of the Year in 2009, the insurer surveyed over 1000 pet owners about their views regarding the veterinary industry:

  • 40% of Brits trust their vet over any other healthcare professional.

The top reasons why people chose their particular vet were:

  1. Proximity to my home (63.8%)
  2. The vet's manner (59.9%)
  3. Friendly staff/ how I am made to feel (56%)
  4. Recommendations from friends and family (49.9%)
  5. Experience qualification (42%)
  6. Cost (40.1%)
  7. How much my pet likes them (23.7%)

As over 2000 nominations were made for the 2009 Veterinary Awards, Petplan can firmly say that not only are we a nation of pet-lovers, but vet-lovers as well!