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The strangest pet toys and gadgets for your cats and dogs

The strangest pet toys and gadgets for your cats and dogs
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Petplan has searched high and low to compile this list of the weirdest and most wonderful pet gadgets around.

Some gadgets allow you to finally understand what your pet is saying (allegedly!), some make mundane tasks more convenient, while others are even stranger!

We've complied a few of our favourites below - but we know there are more out there. So, please let us know the strangest pet gadgets you've ever seen in the comment section below...

Pet Doorbell


People bang on the door to be let into houses, but pets have to let their owners know when they want to leave a house. This gadget teaches your dog or cat to press a buzzer each time they want to go outside.

You can programme it to have a traditional doorbell chime or a dog bark – which seems rather counter intuitive us…


Bacon Bubbles 

How many times have you thought: ‘If only there was a way I could blow bacon-flavoured bubbles for my dog to chase around?’ Well you’re in luck – with k9’s Bacon Bubbles your dog can do exactly that.


Cat Laser Toy


Think a ball of string is a bit too old school for your 21st century feline? The FroliCat produces 360-degree laser patterns that change direction and gives your cat plenty of futuristic fun.


Pet's Eye View Camera


Ever wondered if your pet could be a photographer? Uncle Milton’s Pet's Eye View Camera attaches to your pet’s collar and automatically takes photos from their point of view and allows you to see the world through their eyes.


Goldfish Walker


A special designed trolley created by Mick Madden, a metal worker from Huddersfield, this lets him strap his beloved fish in and take them out for a stroll.

Unsurprisingly there doesen’t appear to be any plans to take this to market any time soon.


Pet hot tub

The ‘Jentle Pet 1’ hot tub, with an optional whirlpool system with five point massage jets this hot tub is perfect for any pet in need of some pampering

There is also a hose attachment so, while rather extravagant, it could top your home bath becoming a mud bath after a long autumn walk.


Cat translation device


Finally, with the help of the ‘Meowlingual’ translation device, cat lovers can understand what their pet’s meows and purrs really mean

Apparently ‘I can’t stand it’ is just one of the many phrases the device will announce after it has heard a meow from your cat – let’s hope they’re not all quite as negative.

What’s the strangest pet gadget you’ve ever encountered? What else should be on our list? Let us know below…

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Jordan Walker
I found Hot Doll - Love Doll for Dogs strange/weird dog toy. According to the manufacturer, the point of this dog toy is to get your dog to stop humping pillows and perhaps your neighbors leg and to instead get intimate with the Hot Doll.

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