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1st August 2007

New from Petplan

Petplan, the UK’s largest pet insurance provider, is offering more to Breeders in 2007.

Instant Kitten Policies

In April 2007, Petplan improved its Instant Kitten Policies. The free cover notes can now be issued to owners of kittens aged 6 weeks to one year old.

Petplan Instant Kitten Policies offer 6 weeks free insurance to new owners so breeders can ensure their kittens leave with the best financial protection. If anything were to happen during the ‘settling in’ period, the new owner is able to obtain the best care for their new pet.

The benefit levels on policies were also increased to offer even more protection to new owners. Cover benefits are now:

  • Up to £4000 for veterinary fees resulting from illness or injury
  • Up to £750 for loss by theft or straying
  • Up to £750 for death from illness or injury
  • Up to £200 for advertising and reward if the puppy is lost or stolen

Double Breeder Bonus Credits

To support breeders as they bargain hunt in the January sales, Petplan is offering Double Credits to all who activate cover notes online in October, November and December. The credits will then be added to the accounts in January and can be exchanged for vouchers to spend at many high street shops, a handy boost to the finances in the new year.

Breeder News

Breeder News, the magazine available exclusively for Petplan breeders is on its way. Full of informative articles and information to keep breeders up-to-date with developments and offers at Petplan. The magazine will be landing on your doorstep this autumn.

Breeder Get Breeder

This ongoing campaign offers existing breeders 500 Breeder Bonus Credits, simply for introducing a new breeder to Petplan. Breeders can complete a postcard to introduce a friend or log onto www.petplan.co.uk/breeder to earn those all important credits.

To find out more about what Petplan can offer breeders log onto www.petplan.co.uk/breeder or call Breederline on 0800 072 4411.