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Petplan supports Haatchi, a very special furry friend

Haatchi, a very special Anatolian shepherd dog has been reunited with his owner following rehabilitating knee surgery, thanks to timely insurance provided by Petplan - the UK’s largest pet insurer.

Haatchi was adopted by the family of 8 year old Owen Howkins, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, after he had his back, leg and tail amputated as a result of being cruelly tied to a railway line and hit by a train. Haatchi became a national treasure after his owner, Owen, who has a rare genetic disorder called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, which causes anxiety and muscles to permanently tense, saw dramatic improvement in his condition and confidence. The pair became inseparable and the progress Owen made was attributed to the dog’s companionship and unconditional love.

Haatchi’s story caught the attention of Petplan who approached Haatchi’s family to provide the offer of insurance. It subsequently came to light that Haatchi required urgent treatment for patella luxation (more commonly known as knee surgery) and thanks to a successful operation Haatchi has been reunited with Owen. The operation was discounted by the operating practice and the remaining £4000 of the bill covered by Petplan.

Isabella von Mesterhazy, Petplan’s Head of Marketing, explained: "We were particularly touched by Haatchi’s heroic and heart-warming story and were absolutely delighted to provide him with insurance which has proven invaluable at a time when he really needed it. We were lucky to have the opportunity to meet with our brave furry friend earlier this year too and enjoyed a cuddle!"

To find out more about Petplan visit www.petplan.co.uk or like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/PetplanUK

Notes to editors

Petplan is the largest provider of animal health insurance in the world. Established more than 30 years ago, it is part of Allianz Insurance, one of the largest general insurers in the UK.