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9th July 2008

Rescue cat that does the rescuing

A rescue cat called Lily has today been awarded the coveted Petplan Heroic Cat Award.

Lily has been dubbed the feline version of wonder-dog Lassie, after springing to the rescue of her chronically ill owner, Faye Talbott. Eighteen-year-old Faye, who has suffered with a series of chronic illnesses since she was twelve, was saved from more agony when her heroic cat alerted her mother to a malfunction in vital feeding equipment.

Faye’s mother, Liz, said, “I was in the kitchen when Lily came tearing in. I wondered what on earth the matter was as she stood there meowing and twittering at me as if she were trying to talk. Then she led me upstairs to Faye where I discovered that her feeding tube was blocked. It wasn’t a life-threatening situation but would have meant more pain for Faye. Lily has obviously developed a sense for when things are not right – she really is one in a million.”

Faye said, “From time to time I may have to spend several weeks away from home whilst in hospital having treatment. I take a picture of Lily with me that I keep next to my bed and it gives people something to talk about other than my health. This is a welcoming diversion when you have been in the same hospital for nine weeks, believe me! We have even had the occasional telephone ‘conversation’. Dad holds the phone to Lily’s ear and she meows back when I talk to her!

I am absolutely chuffed to bits that Lily has won the Petplan Heroic Cat Award – she really deserves it.”

The Petplan Heroic Cat Award was created to mark the Golden (50th) Anniversary of cat charity, the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB).

Simon Wheeler, Head of Marketing for Petplan comments: “As a company, we are in a lucky position to hear many stories of the terrific bond between pets and their owners. Faye and Lily’s story is truly remarkable and a worthy winner of this special award. Many owners view their pets as an extension of the family and Faye is one of the few that also looks at Lily as her hero.”

Petplan is the largest provider of animal health insurance in the world. Established more than 30 years ago, it is part of Allianz Insurance, one of the largest general insurers in the UK.

The Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge, to help us all care better for our cats.

Notes to editors

Petplan is the largest pet insurance provider in the world, offering comprehensive lifetime pet insurance cover for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Established more than 30 years ago, it is part of Allianz Insurance, one of the largest general insurers in the UK.

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