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Press Office

A Big Hello from Petplan

Welcome to the Petplan press office. We want to provide you with a central resource to find the latest pet facts, stats and case studies that may be useful if you do decide to put the pen to paper about pets and pet insurance.

Date Latest Press Release
15.12.07 A Cool £500 for Coventry Cats
14.12.07 One in five vets say owners guilty of turning their pet into pudding at Christmas
05.12.07 Has your pet lived before? Six millions Brits say yes
29.11.07 The Search is on for Britain’s Top Vet
09.11.07 Want an Extra 5000 Portfolio Credits?
25.10.07 Loud fireworks are bang out of order say pet experts Free guide to protect pets published by Petplan.
16.10.07 Postal Strikes
01.10.07 United cats purr loud enough that the country can hear Celebrity support as cat charities across the UK are united online for the first time
27.09.07 It’s ‘All About Cats’!
27.09.07 Competition winners ‘Get Noticed’ at BVNA!
26.09.07 Allianz Animal Health expands business through partnership with Leeds Building Society
15.09.07 Petplan Finalists Head for Cheshire
23.08.07 Claims are now online with Petplan
01.08.07 New from Petplan Instant Puppy Policies
01.08.07 New from Petplan Instant Kitten Policies
20.07.07 Petplan renews commitment to the growing animal health market
16.07.07 Local Animal Shelter wins Prize Donation The Blue Cross wins the Petplan Charity Prize Draw
07.06.07 Petplan Advertising Campaign Brings New Income Potential for Breeders
06.06.07 69% of pet lovers fret when it comes to holidays A quarter of pet owners say their pet’s needs dictate where they go
22.05.07 Local Animal Shelter wins Prize Donation Manchester Dogs Home wins the Petplan Charity Prize Draw
02.05.07 Petplan’s benefits just got bigger!
01.03.07 Petplan Looks to Expand International Opportunities