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Pet Insurance Case Studies from Our Customers

Petplan hears many amusing, cute and emotional stories from all around the UK.

Credit and Crunch Kittens

Petplan. the UK's leading pet insurance provider, received a claim that truly shows that old wives tales ring true, that cats really do have nine lives. Crunch, the kitten in particular is a lesson in why the toilet seat should always be left down.

"It was a case of curiosity very nearly killing the cat," said Patrick Briggs, from Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire, "We went out and one of the children left the loo seat up and Crunch went in there to investigate and fell in.

When I found Crunch, we put the hair dryer on her but we could tell she was not warming up enough so we rushed her to the vet. She was put into an oxygen tent, she had her stomach pumped because it was full of water, she was on a drip and put on antibiotics. Petplan paid for all her veterinary treatment which was in the region of £600."

Kitten sat on toilet seat

To find out more about cat insurance please visit https://www.petplan.co.uk/therightcover/cat.asp


Cadbury's £10,000 miaow

Jean Kelly thought it was very strange when her beloved cat Cadbury suddenly lost his voice. As Cadbury is thirteen she considered it may be old-age so took him along to the vet.

Cadbury was diagnosed with a paralysed larynx, which was blocking his throat. Cadbury needed two separate operations to fix the condition, costing over £5,000. After a stint in intensive care, six days in an oxygen tent, four months nursing care and regular check-ups, the moggie's treatment has cost over £10,000.

Petplan have paid £6,000 towards the cost of Cadbury's treatment, which would have been unaffordable for Ms. Kelly without pet insurance.

To find out more about cat insurance please visit https://www.petplan.co.uk/therightcover/cat.asp

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