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Petplan Stats and Facts

A Day in the Life of a Pet…

  • 86% of pet owners celebrate their pet's birthday.
  • 86% of pet owners have a picture of their pet on their mobile.
  • 69% of pets watch TV.
  • 45% of pets have embarked on a fitness regime in 2009.
  • 74% of pet owners believe their furry friends have a special talent.


It's a good job cats have nine lives as humans are proving to be hazardous to their pets!

  • Nearly six out of ten of these owners admitted to stepping on their pet.
  • 21% of owners confessed to dropping their furry friends.
  • Dogs are the animal most likely to be stepped on whilst a guinea pig is the pet most likely to be dropped by their overly affectionate owners.

Pet-eternal Instincts!

  • 37% of Brits would said they would get their broody partner a pet instead of having children.
  • One in 20 married couples surveyed admitted to having already purchased a cat or dog instead of starting a family.
  • 17 per cent of people adopted a pet because they didn't like coming home to an empty house.
  • A dog was the most popular pet to have in place of children followed by a cat.

Petplan has over 800,000 policy holders so can help provide stats and facts for many pet-themed articles.

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