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At Petplan we’ve made it easy to find the right dog insurance policy. We offer two types of cover packed with lots of benefits. Petplan’s Covered For Life® plan provides ongoing cover right into the old age of your pet and our Essential plan provides 12 months cover for your dog. Read on to find out more…

We can pay your vet directly
90% of claims are settled within 5 working days
No penalty for claiming
Covered For Life

Covered For Life®

If your pet develops an illness or suffers an injury, you can claim year after year for their treatment, provided you renew your policy annually without a break in cover.
Time Limited

12 month cover

If your pet develops an illness or suffers an injury, you can claim for their treatment for 12 months and then cover for that condition will be excluded from your policy.

Vet cost up to
£12,000 per year
£7,000 per year
£4,000 per year
£3,000 per condition for 12 months
Complementary treatment
£2,000 per year
£1,000 per year
£500 per condition for 12 months
Third Party Liability
£3 millionper incident
£2 millionper incident
£1 millionper incident
Death from illness or injury
£3,000per pet (included as standard)
£3,000per pet (optional extra)
£3,000per pet (optional extra)
Boarding fees
Missing pet advertising & reward
Loss by Theft or Straying
Holiday Cancellation
Quarantine Expenses & Loss of Documents
Emergency Repatriation
Multi-pet discount
Pet Owner Support Package
Pet Bereavement Helpline
Legal Helpline

How your premium can change

There are a number of factors that impact your premium, such as your pets age, increasing veterinary costs and advancements in veterinary medicine. These mean your premium will increase over the lifetime of your policy. However, Petplan will not increase your premium as a direct result of any claim you make.

How your excess can change

From time to time we may increase the excess you pay in the event of a claim. Typically a 20% excess (in addition to the fixed excess) is introduced on our Covered For Life® policies at the dogs 10th birthday (7th birthday for some breeds) and on our Essential cover at the dogs 8th birthday (5th birthday for some breeds). This helps us keep premiums affordable for older pets. You will be notified at least a year in advance.

Need help to decide what's right for your dog?

Read some frequently asked questions

How much will pet insurance cost?

The cost of pet insurance can vary enormously and is dependent on a range of different things such as where you live, your pet's species, age, breed and most importantly, the product you choose. As pet insurance is so specific to each and every pet, there is no fixed cost to insure your best friend so it's important to make sure you do some research to find out which policy suits you best both in terms of cost and benefits.


Can I still purchase pet insurance if my pet has previously been ill?

If your pet has previously been ill or injured you can still purchase pet insurance. Before you take out a pet insurance policy you must inform us of any conditions, injuries and prior illnesses they've had and like most other insurance providers Petplan unfortunately will not be able to cover you for these. These exclusions will be clearly stated on your Certificate of Insurance and will not affect the price of your premium.


How do I make a claim?

At Petplan we aim to process your claims quickly and fairly. To make a claim you will need to complete the relevant claim form for the treatment or incident in question. You can download copies of the claim forms or may phone our Customer Service Centre on 0330 102 6735.


What does a veterinary fees claim excess mean?

The excess is the amount you pay towards the cost of treating each illness or injury during the period of cover (i.e. the policy year or up to the maximum benefit), which is not related to any other illness or injury treated during the same period of cover.


I have more than one pet to insure, can I get a discount?

Yes, if you have two or more pets regardless of species (i.e. dog, cat and rabbits) then you are entitled to a Multi-Pet discount. For each animal you are given £1 per pet per month discount off your premium. For example, if you have 1 dog insurance policy, 1 cat insurance policy and 1 rabbit insurance policy you will get a £36 discount in your policy year.


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