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Dont Cook Your Dog

Petplan is pleased to support the 'Don´t Cook Your Dog' campaign

We're urging all pet owners across the UK to get behind the campaign to ensure pet stay healthy and happy through the warm weather months. Why not download a "Don't Cook Your Dog" poster and help promote the campaign to everyone you know.

Click here to download the poster

At Petplan promoting responsible pet ownership is at the heart of everything we do and that's why we work with more animal charities, vets and breeders than any other pet insurer. Dog insurance has become one of the many ways owners help maintain a happy and healthy life for your dog. With 1 in 3 pets requiring urgent veterinary attention each year+ it is important to have your dog insurance policy in place before an unexpected trip to the vet.

With over 35 year's experience of keeping the nation's pets healthy, we believe that "Don't Cook Your Dog" is a vital campaign to stop the needless cases of dogs dying.

What are other heat-related conditions my dog is susceptible to?

It is essential to be aware that certain breeds of dog are more susceptible to heat-related conditions during the hot summer months than others. Dogs with short noses (brachycephalic breeds) such as Bulldogs, Boxers and Pugs are particularly prone to suffering from heat stress and exhaustion as oxygen intake is reduced due to their less efficient breathing.

Long-haired or doubled-coated breeds also have a strong tendency to overheat as air does not circulate around their body as freely. Their heavy coats act as an insulator which can cause their body temperature to rapidly increase if left exposed to the summer sun. One way to help moderate their body temperature if you suspect they are overheating is to gently hose them down with cool water or wrap them in wet towels. Be careful to not give them too much water as this can lead to bloating and vomiting – give them small but regular doses for effective re-hydration.

Heat stroke

As owners it can be difficult to recognise symptoms of overheating and what measures can be used to help keep our dogs well-hydrated in warm weather. Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition for dogs and despite our best efforts to treat them ourselves they are likely to require emergency veterinary attention to fully recover.


Short-haired, fair skinned breeds such as Dalmatians, Whippets and Greyhounds are at particular risk to sunburn. Sunburn often catches dog owners unaware because it is not easy to detect, however two of the most obvious signs are that your dog's skin is sensitive to touch as is pinker than normal. In extreme cases sunburn can be life-threatening as excessive exposure to the sun significantly increases the risks of skin cancers.

How can insurance help?

If you suspect that your dog is suffering from any heat-related condition, don't hesitate to take them to the vet immediately. Our comprehensive dog insurance policies are there to help with the cost of veterinary treatment for all heat-related conditions and at Petplan, we are here when you need us the most.

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