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customer stories

Customer Stories

Unfortunately, sometimes in life things happen when we least expect them. Our pets can get ill or have an accident leaving you facing a costly veterinary bill. That’s why you have Petplan insurance, it takes away the financial worries and gives you peace of mind, so that you can focus on getting your pet back to the best of health.

We receive thousands of letters each year from customers who want to share their pet experiences, both happy and sad, and have published some of their stories here. If you have a tale to tell about your own experience with Petplan, why not send us the details?

John and Jenny coping with their dog's skin allergies

Petplan customers John and Jenny talk about their experiences of claiming with Petplan when their dog Toby was diagnosed with a rare and severe skin allergy.

Customer Stories Petplan paid

  • over£5,800
    Max pet dog

    Max’s Story

    I do not know where to start with Max a lovely male Siberian Husky. The number of issues I have had with Max is really unbelievable… Read more >

    When Max was only 6 months old he took an infection in his left hind leg, my vet thought he might have lost his leg but he responded well to treatment and his leg was saved. Only for Petplan I would not have been able to pay for the medical bills.

    I think it was about 6 months later Max was running and playing in a field near home when he ripped the cruciate ligament in his left leg. This was a major operation and a long recovery period and again only for Petplan I never could have met the medical bill.

    Soon after that Max developed a growth in his under body near the navel area, he got this removed and sent away for testing and thankfully it was not cancerous. Again only for Petplan I would have been face with a steep medical bill.

    Last June Max was diagnosed with having degenerative Joint disease had as a result undergone another major operation where he has a steel plate fixed into his right hock, with a long recovery period which needed long medical care post operation, again only for Petplan.

    It does not bear thinking about what would have become of Max only for Petplan and their services. I think Max is a living testament has to how a good of service Petplan have provided.

    I am for ever telling people who own pet of Max's storey and how well he has been treated by Petplan. I have great admiration for Petplan and would recommend them to anyone. Max is also a real hero in his own light for all the hardship and suffering he has went through and is still is the friendliest dog you could encounter.

    Many thanks Petplan. Close >

    Brian Mc Lernon

  • over£4,300
    Frankie pet cat

    Frankie’s Story

    Frankie is a soon to be 6 year old Rag Doll cat who almost didn't make it to his 5th Birthday… Read more >

    In October 2011 he appeared to have a sore right ear and it seemed to be a scratch or bite from a bit of play fight with one of my other two cats, Ziggy and Jacob. A visit to the vets followed and a small abscess was found and treatment started. Unfortunately this didn't seem to be working and his ear began to omit an unpleasant smell and he was holding his head to one side when walking. Back to the vets and he was admitted to have his ear investigated and cleaned out under sedation.

    He was a bit woozy the next day and was staggering - not entirely unexpected but a bit worrying. He then started falling over and off the back of his favourite chair and eventually couldn't even get on to it and could hardly walk. We went back to the vets immediately.

    A big problem was thought to be the cause and an immediate referral to a veterinary specialist / hospital was made.

    MRI and CT scans, a biopsy followed and it was discovered that Frankie had a malignant growth in his inner ear and base of his brain. Major and very delicate intensive surgery followed, plus a stay in 'hospital'.

    He came home in mid-November and didn't look anything like my beautiful blue eyed cat. He had been shaved completely down his right side, face and chest and his right eye was closed and he couldn't open it. He was thin and looked so ill and pathetic.

    He couldn't walk and was a really sorry sight; it was followed by weeks of aftercare. He was kept in a large covered pet cage c/w with a cosy bed, food, water and litter tray. He could see the other cats and us. He was gradually let out and carried around by me and slowly began to walk again - albeit a bit crooked to begin with.

    Medication, veterinary hospital, local vet check-ups, home care, much love and I gradually got my cat back. It took months for his fur to grow back and fortunately his eye reopened and he could see properly with both big blue eyes.

    His hearing is fine and he can walk, run and jump on to his chair back and all other things with no problem. The downside is that he is totally spoilt!!

    Although not all of the growth that was too close to his brain could be safely removed he has had his life saved and extended so far and I hope that this will continue.

    The months of excellent care received both by my own vets, Hillside Vets in Corfe Mullen, especially Keith and the brilliant surgery carried out by Tony Ryan at SCVS in Ringwood, New Forest gave me back my much loved cat and Petplan insurance made this possible for which I am most grateful. Close >

    Elizabeth Joyce

  • over£70
    Buxton pet dog

    Buxton’s Story

    It was only a few months into our life together when I was thanking my lucky stars I’d insured our gorgeous, rescued pup, Buxton, with Petplan! It was a Sunday and I had been shopping to buy the ingredients for a fruit cake and popped them in the kitchen ready to weigh out… Read more >

    Buxton is known for being a little mischievous when it comes to food so I made sure that the ingredients were right at the back of the kitchen work surface, out of his way.

    We popped out to visit my partner’s parents and left Buxton snoozing on the sofa, where he always does in the evening! When my partner came home, everything seemed as normal with Buxton still chilling out in the living room. Thankfully he went to the kitchen to get a drink, because on the floor he noticed a corner of green packaging that looked chewed, on the floor, and came to ask me about it.

    Alarm bells started ringing as raisins are in a green packet and I’d bought half a kilo of them! In the kitchen there was no sign of the rest of the packet or any of the raisins. Dried fruit is highly toxic to dogs and can cause liver failure and death.

    Buxton was rushed straight to the vets, who had to be called out of hours as it was a Sunday night, and given an injection to make him sick. We were so lucky that it worked as he’d eaten the entire contents of the packet of raisins, followed by most of the packaging!

    To this day we have only theories as to how he managed to get to the packet; based on his size, and where they were placed! The trip to the vets was understandably, pretty expensive, but thanks to Petplan, we only paid the excess and they covered the rest.

    The service is personal and efficient and I feel confident that whatever happens, Buxton is always going to have access to whatever he needs. Close >

    Emma James

  • over£2,500
    Gus pet cat

    Gus’s Story

    What can I say about Petplan. My beloved cat Gus was diagnosed with FIP at age 2. This is very rare and terminal but Petplan paid all the claims for all the investigations, scans, medication and palliative care… Read more >

    Most were paid direct to my vet, so through this very traumatic time the stress was taken away. I was kept informed of the claims and when they were due be paid by text which was very impressive.

    I would definitely recommend Petplan to other pet owners as we never know what is around the corner.

    Thank you for helping me through this very sad time. Close >

    Caroline Frith

  • over£1,000
    Harry pet dog

    Harry’s Story

    When Harry was 3 months old his eye was very runny and my vet said it was an inturned eyelid which would need correcting. It was decided to operate when he was 6 months old and my vet did a wonderful job… Read more >

    Petplan were quick to pay out for the operation and subsequent post-operative treatment.

    It was then discovered he had two canine adult teeth on one side so my vet ex-rayed and was able to take out the second tooth successfully, again Petplan swiftly sent the payment, so in his short life he has had two operations and is a happy Cocker Spaniel. Close >

    Tracey Wood

  • over£7,000
    Ape pet dog

    Ape’s Story

    I have been a policyholder with you for several years now following the addition of 'Ape' the labradoodle to our home… Read more >

    Ape is now 5 years old and is still a happy dog thanks to you. You will see from your records that he has had various operations on his legs due to lameness since he was a puppy.

    Last year he had to have two operations within a short period of time. The vet fees were very expensive.

    If we had not had your help, I hate to imagine what options we would have had to consider. Ape is kind, intelligent and a stunning looking dog (and he knows it).

    We get stopped in the street on a daily basis for people to clap him. We can't go on holiday or go for a meal with him without people smiling or petting him. He makes everyone laugh around town when they see him hanging out the car window.

    We had him approved to be a Therapist last year but had to postpone this due to his operations. Thanks to you, this is something we intend doing in coming years.

    Writing a 'Thank You' is something I have never done before but wanted you to know how grateful my husband & I are for choosing your company to help us with Ape's treatment.

    Ape also thanks you for the acupuncture and physio sessions that you help to fund as he loves these treats to ease any arthritis following ops.

    Thank You a thousand times over. Close >

    Faye Galloway

  • over£14,000
    Zeph pet dog

    Zeph’s Story

    Insurance companies get bad press. You hear about them refusing to pay people or finding ways to reduce payments. Not Pet Plan. They have been wonderful throughout our little Zeph’s life… Read more >

    Our lovely little Zeph, a black miniature schnauzer with sticky up ears that made him a talking point on walks, has been a regular user of Petplan's services! As a puppy, Zeph ate a sock and needed a life-saving operation; our relationship with Pet Plan had begun. Like most dogs Zeph had health hiccups throughout the years such as upset tummies and poorly paws needing visits to the vets. Nothing serious but Petplan was always there to help with the bills.

    Then, when Zeph was about 8 he developed pancreatitis and had to be hospitalised. Pet Plan covered the costs and Zeph recovered well but this illness led him to develop diabetes. He had many trips to the local vet as they tried to get his diabetes under control and Zeph was eventually referred to Northdown Specialist Referral Centre in Bletchingley, an amazing centre with an excellent team of vets and nurses. Petplan picked up the bills including the cost of insulin and needles.

    Zeph then developed cataracts due to his diabetes and went blind. It was heartbreaking to see him bumping into things but as he was quite young and in good health apart from the diabetes, we were advised that he could have cataract surgery. This was a very expensive operation but Pet Plan helped us again and little Zeph got his sight back which was amazing. As time went on Zeph's health deteriorated and we had to have an MRI and other tests, again PetPlan was there for us. Sadly we lost little Zeph in March but thanks to Pet Plan he was a happy little dog, he always had a toy in his mouth - up until the end.

    Whilst it was devastating to lose Zeph we are sincerely grateful to Petplan for their contribution to his care. Their staff was always helpful and supportive and they provided a speedy and efficient service. When the time is right we may get another dog and we will definitely use Pet Plan. We would highly recommend Pet Plan to anyone needing pet insurance cover.

    Thank you PetPlan! Close >

    Patricia Cavanagh

  • over£4,000
    Kai pet dog

    Kai’s Story

    I would like to say a few words regarding the experience we recently encountered with Petplan… Read more >

    We had the pleasure of having a German Shepherd (Kai) as a pet for the past 7 1/2 years and he was insured through Petplan.

    We had the misfortune of going through a traumatic experience lately where our beloved Kai contracted a blood disorder and after extensive treatment we lost him on the 18th March 2013.

    We submitted 2 claims to Petplan through our regular Vet and were reimbursed within 7 days of each of the claims being submitted.

    We then had to refer him to Edinburgh Vet hospital to get specialised treatment and as we had a £4.000 limit on our insurance concerns crept in that because of the poor name and reputation a lot of insurance companies get I was very concerned that we may get rejected for whatever reason (small print) and we would face a large bill.

    We have many friends who have insurance through other companies and most have shared experiences where they have not been paid in full or the companies have found a loophole to reject their claims.

    In summary Petplan paid the hospital in full to the penny of our limit and throughout the whole process were outstanding in the manner they conducted our claim.

    The staff could not do enough to help with any queries, they were very sympathetic when we informed them of our loss and overall were a credit to their company.

    If anyone is reading this to help them decide on which insurance company to use, go no further!!!! We would never consider any other company.

    Thank you once again to you all. Close >

    Graham & Marie Charlton

  • over£4,000
    jet pet cat

    Jet’s Story

    We rescued two gorgeous black cats from the RSPCA: Jet and Queenie… Read more >

    Three days after getting them home we noticed Jet was behaving in the same way our old cat Chilla who had a heart problem. Turned out that Jet also had a heart problem and thanks to Petplan she had a pacemaker fitted which cost £4,500 and Jet has now made a full recovery.

    We are so grateful that we found her, recognised the symptoms and were able to have her operated on. A big thank you to Chilla and Petplan!! Close >

    Rachel Stevens

  • over£5,300
    amber pet dog

    Amber’s Story

    In January 2012 our much loved Collie cross, Amber, was diagnosed with the aggressive cancer, Lymphoma. We were devastated; she was only 7 years old.… Read more >

    Our vet told us that without treatment (chemotherapy) that she would only live 4 - 6 weeks. But he said that with treatment she could have 6 months to a year.

    Thankfully, we were insured with Petplan, and were able to proceed with the expensive chemotherapy treatment.

    The treatment was so much better than expected, with very little side effects Amber's quality of life remained high. She was infact her normal self and it was easy to forget she even had cancer!

    We continued with the chemotherapy treatment every 3 weeks, and we were able to prolong her life for well over a year.

    We are so grateful for this extra time we had with our girl. We were able to go on lots of walks and lavished her with love and made sure it was truly wonderful for her.

    Sadly we had her put to sleep on 25th March 2013. We miss her very much but will always be very thankful that we were insured with Petplan. They made all the veterinary fee payments without fuss and we were able to make decisions for Amber without thinking about the cost. And because she was on a 'Covered For Life®' policy, we were able to continue the treatment even after a year had passed.

    Now we have just got a new Collie puppy, Mila, and of course have insured her with Petplan. I would never go anywhere else. Close >

    Lee Saunders

  • over£890
    Charlie pet rabbit

    Charlie’s Story

    Charlie my rabbit has had trouble with 'snuffles'. My vet tried various antibiotics but it wouldn't go and he had to have x-rays to help diagnose him.… Read more >

    Finally after some months, we found the right antibiotic to get rid of it! It took several months but I am so pleased with the way Petplan have dealt with my claims for him as it has truly been a weight off mind!

    He no longer has trouble breathing and he is back to his normal cheeky self! It would have cost me £500-£600 which without insurance would have been a nightmare. Thank you so much for being so efficient! Close >

    Lucy Pratt

  • over£4,000
    kekoa pet dog

    Kekoa’s Story

    We would just like to send you our sincere thanks. Kekoa (our miniature pinscher) would not be here to day without your support. It is coming up to the anniversary of his life saving heart surgery… Read more >

    Kekoa was only two and a half when the procedure was recommended and he was referred to the Royal Veterinary College in Hatfield.

    It was an amazing place and the staff were all brilliant, but if it hadn't been for Petplan this opportunity would never have happened. Kekoa had had his share of mishaps as a puppy and on each occasion Petplan settled our claim without any fuss. You have no idea how reassuring this was.

    So when the news came about his heart problem and the cost of the operation, whilst we were naturally extremely anxious, the peace of mind Petplan gave us was enormous.

    We simply could not have afforded the medical treatment and it was at this point we fully appreciated that 'Covered For Life®' meant exactly that. Petplan did not question or quibble our claim and settled promptly, it was wonderful to have our precious dog home safe and well without any stress.

    So one year on as we approach celebrating Kekoas amazing anniversary, we would like to say a HUGE HEART FELT THANK YOU to Petplan.

    Kekoa would love to say thank you too, so we have attach a few pictures to advertise his success story. Close >

    Mr Gil & Mrs Sarah Schaeffer and family.

  • over£3,000
    Eddie pet dog

    Eddie´s Story

    At 10 weeks old my Border Collie puppy Eddie was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). We were very upset but the decision was not difficult, we were going to get Eddie the treatment he needed… Read more >

    Due to Eddie's age we only had one month's free breeders insurance with Pet Plan was immediately up graded to Petplan Ultimate.

    Eddie was 12 weeks old when he had his operation at Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield. The specialists and their teams were fantastic and the operation was a great success. After a one month recovery period Eddie was given the all clear to lead a normal life.

    We cannot thank Pet Plan enough, who never questioned the costs involved (which ran into many thousands). I can confirm that Eddie is a well boy now and leading a very happy life. Close >

    Diane Smith

  • over£2,500
    obe pet dog

    Obe’s Story

    Our Irish wolfhound puppy Obe developed a major problem with his front leg - Carpel Valgus… Read more >

    One of the bones in his lower leg (the weight-bearing part) wasn't growing, meaning the other bone was growing in a curve as it had nowhere else to go.

    We were extremely worried; however, on contacting Petplan, the claim couldn't have been smoother. As we have two Wolfhounds we had taken out life insurance for both - in other words, premiums we would pay monthly for the life of the dogs.

    Obe had a number of consultations, x-rays and an operation. We are keeping our fingers crossed the problem will right itself, but if he needs further medical intervention, it's so reassuring to know that Petplan is there to support us. We couldn't have got through this without their help, so a huge thank you from us, and from Obe! Close >

    Christine Stone

  • ben pet dog

    Ben's Story

    Sue Millard will never forget the distraught call from her daughter Rebecca, on 6 August last year, after her beautiful Collie-Spaniel cross Ben suffered a 35-foot fall. Here is the story of his amazing recovery back to health… Read more >

    'My daughter had been out walking on a forestry road when Ben went through a hole in a fence and over a sheer drop. His injuries were so bad that he'd been rushed to the hospital.'

    Looking back, Sue admits that the next few days were a blur for the whole family: 'Ben was in such a state – it was touch and go whether they could save him. None of us got much sleep. We cried so much – we thought we'd lose him.

    'We've had him since he was just 12 weeks old. He really is part of the family.'

    Apart from losing a lot of blood, Ben had a ruptured spleen and a dislocated hip, and his legs needed plates and pins. In fact, his body was so badly damaged that he had to go to Langford Small Animal Hospital, about an hour's drive from their home near Cardiff.

    'Rebecca and I collected him from our vets and drove him to the hospital ourselves. It was awful. While Rebecca drove, very slowly, I sat in the back holding Ben, who was all drips and bandages. He couldn't move at all and just laid there, looking at me…'

    When they finally arrived at the hospital, three nurses were waiting to rush Ben into the operating theatre.

    'I can't tell you how heartbreaking it was,' Sue says. 'He looked so pathetic and we didn't know whether he'd live or die – even though Christina, the vet who operated on him, was wonderful and stayed in constant contact with us over the next few days.'

    To begin with, Sue and the family were advised not to visit Ben, but after 10 days, Ben was declared well enough to return home. But when Sue and Rebecca arrived to collect him, they were in for a shock. 'He was so thin and on so many drugs,' says Sue.

    'He could only eat rice and we had to carry him everywhere. He really was a shadow of his former self.'

    As the weeks progressed, Ben started to eat properly, put on weight – and walk, although with a limp. 'They had put a toggle in to join his pelvis with his hip,' Sue says. The idea is that the muscle grows around the joint and the toggle then disintegrates.

    'We were told it would take 14 weeks for it to repair and for the muscle to grow, which would fix his leg. But about 12 weeks down the line, he couldn't put his leg down, so it was obvious there was a problem.'

    It turned out that the toggle had broken, so poor Ben had to have a second op. This time, the vet opted for a head and neck excision, which is used to treat painful hip conditions.

    Thankfully, the procedure was successful, although Ben still has to have gentle exercise and hydrotherapy to stretch and strengthen his muscles.

    'Looking back, it's incredible how well he's done,' Sue says proudly. 'It was such a difficult time. We were also worried about the cost. We called Petplan as soon as he'd had his first op and they were lovely to deal with – and so helpful, as were the vets. It was a great relief, I can tell you.'

    Nowadays, Ben is much more like his old self. 'You wouldn't think he'd had any trauma,' says Sue. 'Although he has a slight limp, he bounces about – and when I come in, he jumps up to greet me. In fact, for a nine-year-old dog, he acts like a two-year-old pup!' Close >

    Sue Millard

  • horace pet dog

    Horace's Story

    Weeks after getting her characterful cat Horace, Janet Parnell discovered he had diabetes. Luckily, a Petplan Covered For Life® policy means Horace gets all the treatment he deserves… Read more >

    The moment she spotted Horace on The Blue Cross website, Janet Parnell knew he was the cat for her. 'It was love at first sight,' she says.

    However, within a few weeks of starting his new life, Janet and husband David became concerned that Horace was drinking excessively, sleeping a lot and not grooming.

    'David has diabetes, so I knew that extreme thirst is one of the symptoms,' says Janet. A trip to the vet confirmed her suspicions, and that Horace would require insulin injections every day for the rest of his life.

    'I didn't know diabetes was common in cats,' says Janet. 'But I wasn't worried. I've often given my husband injections and the vet showed me how to inject into Horace's scruff.'

    Expense wasn't an issue, either. Petplan covers cats, dogs and rabbits adopted through The Blue Cross with four weeks free insurance. Horace was already covered, so Janet simply needed to renew the policy and take out lifelong cover.

    Thankfully, Horace began to feel better, although it took several months for the vet to work out the ideal dose. Meanwhile, Janet introduced a strict mealtime schedule. But a year later, Janet found him walking in circles and staring blankly with dilated pupils. 'I thought he'd had a stroke and rushed him to the vet in tears,' she says.

    In fact, Horace's blood sugar level had dropped dramatically and he was suffering from hypoglycaemia. He was treated for the condition with a sweet solution delivered intravenously.

    Horace suffered another severe hypoglycaemic attack in May 2009, which resulted in Janet's daughter rushing him to an out-of-hours vet, but he has been well ever since.

    For the past year, Horace has been having twice-daily injections with a new type of insulin. And Janet has trained up neighbours, her daughter and brother-in-law to stand in if she and David are away.

    'Having added up all my claims, I realise how fortunate we were to have a Petplan Covered For Life® policy,' Janet says. 'And Horace is a fantastic character who only needs a little more attention than the average cat. Close >

    Amanda Riley-Jones

  • over£4,000
    toast pet dog

    Toast's Story

    When a mystery illness paralysed Clare McClintock’s super-fit dog, Toast, it took 20 days in intensive care to get him back on his feet. Luckily, writes Amanda Riley-Jones, Petplan was there to help… Read more >

    Toast, a New Zealand Huntaway-cross Collie, is 'the most good- natured companion', according to his owner Clare McClintock. 'Last July, we walked from our home in Devon to Land's End!' But one morning in September, Toast collapsed. 'His back legs were paralysed,' she adds.

    When Toast was referred to a larger practice, Clare rang Petplan. 'They were very helpful and told us we had '£4,000 of cover,' she says.

    However, Toast's breathing became laboured as she took him from one specialist to another. By 6pm, he was taken into intensive care at North Somerset's Langford Small Animal Hospital.

    Blood tests revealed that severe toxic shock, perhaps from ingesting pesticide, had damaged his kidneys and liver. Thankfully, Toast's paralysis didn't worsen, but he developed aspiration pneumonia and an eye ulcer.

    'After the first week, Toast's bill was already up to '£4,000,' Clare explains. 'The family had to club together to pay for the rest of his treatment.' Toast had an operation to treat the eye ulcer but still needed oxygen and intensive physiotherapy.

    Unfortunately, his frail eye ruptured the next week. 'The ophthalmic surgeon was prepared to try a corneal transplant, but we made the hard decision to have Toast's eye removed as it was a simpler operation,' Clare says.

    Afterwards, with more massage and physiotherapy, Toast was gradually weaned off oxygen as his lungs cleared and he was able to move his legs again. He went home after 20 long days, thin and hardly able to walk. 'But he was delighted to be back and managed really well with one eye,' says Clare.

    Clare massaged his joints, took him for hydrotherapy treatment and increased his walking time by five minutes a day. He's now back to his ideal weight, and loving long walks and swims in the river.

    'If I hadn't had insurance, I don't know how I would have managed,' says Clare. 'Thanks to Petplan, Toast had the best possible treatment from more than 20 professionals.' Close >

    Clare McClintock

  • over£400
    boris pet dog

    Boris's Story

    Would you think of acupuncture and homeopathic medicine as treatment for a cat with painful fused discs in his lower back? Miss James and her cat Boris have seen very successful results using this complementary treatment, with help from Petplan to cover the costs… Read more >

    ‘We've been having our cat Boris treated with acupuncture and homeopathic medicine for about 3 years now. He is nearly 16 years old and I know that he wouldn't be with us now if it weren't for the treatment.

    I was first aware that something was wrong when he started crying out in pain whenever he got up from lying down or jumped down from a chair. We took him to the vet who X-rayed him and told us that as well as having the beginnings of arthritis, he had 2 fused discs in his lumbar region. At this point, when I had started to think that we would need to have Boris put to sleep very soon, I remembered veterinary acupuncture as an option. I contacted the closest practice and told them about his history; they agreed he could be treated and asked me for a referral letter from my own vet.

    At the first appointment the acupuncturist made it clear that it might not work as cats were notoriously resistant to being needled. Fortunately, it worked for Boris and the rest, as they say, is history. He currently has one session a month, which lasts about 45 minutes. He's also being treated with homeopathic medicines which we put in his food, so there's no problem getting it down him!

    I spend about £400 a year on his acupuncture at the moment - it's covered by Petplan so I have no worries about being able to afford the treatments. I'm just glad we have the cover so I don't have to worry about the bills.’ Close >

    Miss Liz James, Hampshire

  • over£4,000
    bernard pet dog

    Bernard's Story

    Bernard had settled in nicely with Miss O'Connor and her partner until he started urinating throughout the house and became aggressive when they tried to stop him… Read more >

    Just over two years ago when my partner and I moved in together we decided to add a kitten to our little family. Bernard had kept us entertained with his clumsy antics for nearly two years when we noticed that our normally clean cat was urinating in unusual places, such as the bath and the draining board. I thought it was a problem arising from his litter tray so I changed his litter and moved his tray. One day he squatted in front of me, when I tried to grab him he hissed. It was then that I realised that there was a problem.

    We took him to the emergency vet and they told us that he had a blockage in his bladder. It was the beginning of an awful six weeks in which an incredibly talented vet battled to save our poor boy. Bernard underwent three major operations to unblock his bladder, remove his penis and twice to move his urethra. The vet gave us her mobile number and even opened the surgery for us one Sunday when he took a turn for the worse. She said she had never seen a case this bad before in a living animal, so we prepared ourselves for the worst.

    Thankfully, due to her skill and hard work, Bernard pulled through and is now a healthy, happy moggy, despite our jokes that he is now a 'Bernardette'! His treatment cost in excess of £4,000. It was such a relief to us that Petplan processed the claim quickly. We are also very grateful to our vet who was amazing. She did everything she could to ensure Bernard continued his life within our family. Close >

    Miss O'Connor, Essex

  • over£500
    phoebe pet dog

    Phoebe's story

    Phoebe was playing in the garden chasing quoits when she ruptured her cruciate ligament in her back leg. Mrs Stevenson tells us about how she used Petplan's complementary treatment to treat her dog Phoebe from a ruptured cruciate ligament so she could get back to her job as a ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog… Read more >

    ‘Whilst playing in the garden, Phoebe must have swerved like a footballer to do the damage she did to her leg.

    Thanks to my vet who managed to repair the ligament extremely well, her leg is now rock solid again. Phoebe has made a brilliant recovery with 10 sessions of hydrotherapy - courtesy of Petplan. What was also great was how much Phoebe enjoyed the hydrotherapy which made the recovery process really pain free. Phoebe is now back to her normal, happy self.

    Phoebe is also a 'Pets as Therapy' dog and is much appreciated especially by one man who is blind and loves having Phoebe sit on his lap. She visits a residential home and a home for people with learning difficulties every other week, and manages to put a smile on everyone's face. I am so glad I am with Petplan!’ Close >

    Mrs Stevenson, Gloucestershire

  • over£5,000
    max pet dog

    Max's story

    When a chronic skin condition was causing her beloved German Shepherd great distress, Beverley Siddle turned to Petplan for help and support… Read more >

    Then in December 2008, a new vet told Beverley he thought Max had atopic dermatitis and that there was a new, expensive drug, Atopica, which might help him. ‘Atopica was about £200 a month and Max needed ongoing treatment. It was such a relief that Petplan would cover it. I signed the form at the vet’s and Petplan started paying them direct.’

    Since then, Max’s skin condition has finally come under control. Beverley says, ‘Being with Petplan means I can afford to give Max the very best treatment. He wouldn’t be on this new drug without Petplan.’ Max was 11 in October, so he’s quietening down, but still loves his walks every day. Beverley adds, ‘We spend endless happy hours together in the woods opposite our house.’ Close >

    Mrs Siddle, Hampshire

  • over£2,500
    Buster pet dog

    Buster's story

    When Linda and Andrew Pettit’s dog Buster developed epilepsy, they feared the worst. Fortunately, Petplan was there to help… Read more >

    Linda Pettit and husband Andrew live with three-year-old Buster in Bedfordshire. ‘He’s a lovely, gentle, affectionate boy,’ says Linda.

    But in March 2007, Buster had a fit. ‘We were terrified, thinking he was having a heart attack,’ says Linda. After diagnosing epilepsy, the emergency vet prescribed expensive medication which Buster would need for the rest of his life.

    Fortunately, the couple had extended Buster’s Petplan insurance past the free period of four weeks.

    Then, just over two years later in late 2009, Buster’s legs started giving way occasionally, and he became worryingly lethargic. The vet advised Linda and Andrew to take Buster to Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire, who kept him in for six days of tests.

    ‘I was in tears every day,’ says Linda. ‘We weren’t allowed to visit him but it was a comfort to speak to his dedicated nurse every day.’

    Blood tests, a chest X-ray and an abdominal ultrasound showed very low blood sugar and aspiration pneumonia – inflammation of the lungs caused by inhaling stomach contents. Once the vet had started treating Buster’s lung infection with antibiotics (which he needed for six weeks) his blood sugar level soon stabilised. He was also given a prescription for new, improved epilepsy medication.

    ‘When we visited at the start of November, Buster looked so well. He was bouncing about like a puppy!’ remembers Linda.

    The next day, the Pettits collected Buster – and a bill for £2,700. Linda says ‘We’d been so traumatised, we hadn’t thought about the financial side of things. We paid by credit card and completed the insurance form at the same time.’

    ‘Shortly after, we got the credit card bill and a cheque for the full amount from Petplan in the same post! We were delighted, and Buster’s treatment was superb.’

    ‘Buster is now in fine form,’ says Linda. ‘He still has occasional fits, but it’s all over in one or two minutes and afterwards he acts like nothing has happened. His legs are fine now and he loves walking over the fields at the back of our house.’ Close >

    Linda & Andrew Pettit, Bedfordshire

  • over£600
    trixie pet dog

    Trixie's Story

    Trixie is a typical Spaniel; full of life, mischief and a tail that wags even when she's sleeping!… Read more >

    As a puppy she spent most of her time exploring hedges and undergrowth (she’s a Spaniel after all!) however, after a few weeks we started to notice a worrying rash developing on her tummy and took her to the vets. The vet thoroughly investigated, which we knew was going to be costly, however the peace of mind that our Petplan policy provided was phenomenal. After many different tests, they discovered that Trixie suffered from a long list of allergies which includes beef, lamb, meadow grass and dandelion...

    We now successfully manage these allergies with the help of medication, and things have since gotten better and better. We have even started to let Trixie enter a number of agility competitions, and she has to date won lots of rosettes and trophies! Close >

    Mr and Mrs Amor

  • over£6,000
    cuillin pet dog

    Cuillin's Story

    Living with a chronically ill dog has impacted substantially on our daily lives… Read more >

    Financially, the impact has been minimal thanks to our Petplan policy. Cuillin is covered for life and his epilepsy is not excluded after a year as can often be the case. Claim forms are straightforward to complete and our claims have always been paid, in full, in a matter of days.

    Living with a chronically ill pet can be traumatic but at least we are assured that we can obtain the best treatment for him for as long as he requires it – you can’t put a price on such peace of mind. Cuillin’s epilepsy could not have been foreseen but thank goodness we had the foresight to take out comprehensive insurance for him. Close >

    Ms C Donaldson, Edinburgh

  • over£872

    Mickey's Story

    On Sunday night my son and husband found Mickey, our cat, in a terrible state… Read more >

    They thought he had been run over and rushed him to the local PDSA. After a worrying night for us, Mickey came round from his operation and seemed ok. The vets said that he had actually been impaled by a thin object and it had gone into the pelvic joint near the nerve endings. Mickey’s future wasn’t looking very bright, the vets told us that he may have lost the feeling in his leg, and only time would tell if it would come back.

    A week later I took him to our ordinary vet for a check-up. They were pleased with his progress and since then Mickey has regained almost complete use of his leg. I am so glad I insured him and am hugely grateful to Petplan who paid the claim very promptly and gave us the peace of mind to make sure Mickey got the treatment he needed. Close >

    Mrs Daley, Nottinghamshire

All stories have been reproduced with our customers' permission. Petplan does not accept responsibility for the views expressed in our customer stories, which are in our customers' own words and based on their own personal experiences. Cover is provided subject to policy terms, conditions and excesses, so please always refer to your own latest policy documents for details of the cover available for your pet.