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Summer health

Summer Pet Safety Tips

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home logo Sun and warmth is wonderful at the best of times, but can be problematic for pets if we don't take care. To ensure you enjoy the summer sun with your pets, we have shared our top tips on how to keep our furry friends cool and safe, in partnership with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Soothing Spray

1. Soothing spray

Dogs’ fur coats and lack of sweat glands mean that they overheat more quickly than humans. If you have to travel with your dog in the car, keep a spray bottle filled with water close by to spray down your pet’s fur in order to retain a low body temperature.

Hot under the collar

2. Hot under the collar?

Try leaving your dog’s collar in the freezer for a few minutes. When you secure it back around their neck, the leather and buckle will be nice and cool.

self-replenishing water bowl

3. Self-replenishing water bowl

Take a 2L plastic bottle with a lid and fill partially with fresh water. Use two elastic bands to attach it upside down to a chair or table leg just above your pet’s bowl. When you then unscrew the lid the water will fill the bowl rapidly but as soon as the water reaches the tip of the bottle it stops. As your pet drinks, water will naturally fill the space of air left behind so that the bowl always remains full. Add ice cubes to the water in the morning to keep it cooler for longer.

catio furniture

4. Catio furniture

Cats love napping outside in the sun. But, just like humans, it’s important that they don’t overdo the sunbathing and overheat. If your cat has a favourite sun spot, try creating some shade during the hottest hours of the day by draping towels between two patio chairs.

slush puppies

5. Slush Puppies

Often our pets’ appetites wane in the hotter weather as they are less active and don’t use as much energy. Tempt their appetite by freezing your pet’s food with water in ice cube trays to make pet-friendly, hydrating treats.

pet heat risk

6. Know your pet’s individual heat risk

We all know our pets are unique - importantly, so is their risk of overheating in the summer. Owners of white cats and dogs, and those that have white ears should be aware that they have a higher chance of burning. Visit Petplan’s website and use our Summer Proof Fun guide to ensure you know how vulnerable your own pet is when temperatures increase.

pet chilling pads

7. Chill pads

One of the ways cats and dogs manage their temperature is through their feet pads. Give your pet a cool spot to rest by repurposing old pillow cases and creating ‘cold water bottles’ by inserting ice packs and setting them in the shade in your pet’s favourite spots.

cat water filled ballon ice ball toy

8. N-ice kitty

Cool down cats by making them a slippery ice ball toy. Just freeze a small water-filled balloon, then remove and discard the balloon and leave the ice ball outside. As the ball slowly melts, your cats will have a great time sliding the ball around your patio or driveway.

frozen tennis balls to cool your dog

9. Tenn-ice balls

Your dog's tongue also helps to regulate their body temperature. Keep tennis balls in the freezer ready for summer games of catch with your dog. Whenever your furry friend catches the ball in their mouth, they’ll be cooled down from the inside out.

Download Hot Hound and Cool Cat Hacks

In addition to using these useful hacks, it's important to think about how you would cover the cost of any unexpected veterinary bills that arise as a result of the warmer weather. Consider Petplan's Covered For Life® cat insurance or dog insurance so you can concentrate on enjoying your pet this summer, safe in the knowledge that financial help is at hand.