10 Christmas Presents Your Dog Will Love

Christmas is the perfect time of year to treat your beloved dog. Thank your furry friends for being such splendid companions with these pet Christmas gifts.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means buying gifts for the ones we love – our dogs especially. In fact, according to the Petplan Pet Census, around 47% of dog owners always buy their pet a birthday and Christmas present, showing just how much we adore treating our furry friends.

Dog Christmas presents are a great way for you and your canine companion to enjoy the festive season together. Although, with so many incredible gifts to choose from nowadays, it can be tricky deciding just what to go for.

We explore some of the best, most imaginative dog Christmas presents you may wish to consider gifting your pet this year...

1. Some new chew toys

An oldie, but goldie. Chew toys have been keeping man’s best friend entertained for many years now, and we’re sure your pooch will enjoy another being added to their collection. Choose items that appeal to your dog’s individual tastes, whether they prefer simple or more eye-catching makes. For instance, you may wish to purchase a squeaky variant if they like making noise during playtime; or, if you want to mark the festiveness of the occasion, perhaps a holiday-themed item would be more fitting. Either way, you’re guaranteed a great Christmas with a completely satisfied pet.

2. A brand-new bed

Christmas nights are all about keeping cosy, and while the debate on sharing a bed with your pet rages, you should seriously consider getting the furry friend in your life a brand-new dog bed. Dogs, like people, love to lounge in many different spots, so you can never have too many.

Dog beds are also relatively easy to find for all sorts of different breeds. Something self-warming would be incredible for small dogs during the winter, while bigger pooches will want as much space as possible – their own sofa bed perhaps. Give your pooch the gift of a good night’s sleep this Christmas with a dog bed that they’re sure to love.

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3. Custom portrait

Another great way to show your dog some extra love this Christmas is to have their portrait made. More and more establishments are offering this service owing to the increasingly familial relationships we’re having with our pets – and rightly so! If you want to commemorate and celebrate your dog, there’s no better way than through the medium of canvas. Whether this is in pencil, oil, watercolour or you may even wish to get a digital version produced instead – whatever helps let them know that they are valued and cared for.

4. Puzzles or interactive games

Look for an interactive dog game or puzzle to ensure your canine companion’s brain stays at full power. Interactive toys are a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind and keep their Christmas energy levels up. Also, dog puzzles often have treats inside, such as this clever Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Toy, complete with easily manoeuvrable levers that reveal tasty treats well worth working for. We’ll bet your pet will appreciate a delicious reward after finishing their challenge – especially if it’s festive themed!

5. A doggy spa day

Every pet deserves to be pampered a little bit, and a spa day is the perfect way to treat your dog to the ultimate luxury. Whether you take them out or set up your own mini salon at home, they can enjoy relaxing to the max this festive season.

If you’d like to give your pampered pet a superb grooming treat, look no further than The Groom Room. With its Bath, Brush & Blow Dry service starting at only £20 per dog, seven days a week, this promises to provide a calm, relaxing haven in which pets can be groomed, indulged and have their every need catered for.

Likewise, the importance of looking after your dog’s paws cannot be overstated. As such, it’s definitely a good idea to add a comforting paw butter to their Christmas spa indulgences. This is particularly helpful if they enjoy going on lots of walks. Give your furry friend’s paws some much-needed TLC this festive season with a product that will protect and soothe every step of the way.

6. Treat stocking hamper

We all know that one of the best things about Christmas is opening your stocking in the morning and eating lots of the hidden treats inside. So, what better way to get your dog involved in the festivities than by gifting them their very own festive stocking? Whether you make one yourself or purchase a ready-made one, it will be a real treat for your canine companion indeed! As long as their regular diet doesn’t suffer, fill it with some new or their favourite treats in a creative Christmas present idea for dogs.

7. Baking moulds

If you do end up going down the do-it-yourself baking path, handy if your canine companion has sensitivities or is on a special diet for a health condition, it may be worth buying some dog-themed moulds to make your pet’s Christmas experience that much more memorable. Why prepare standard biscuit shapes when you could bake mini bones for them to snack on? Just don’t forget to add a touch of holiday pizzazz to your efforts, so that they know it’s for a special occasion.

8. Dog beer and prosecco

Now there’s a way for your dog to join in the Christmas toast – and we for one couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’ve ever fantasised about sharing a drink with your best canine friend, here’s your chance! A good beer for dogs or delicious, nutritious Pawsecco provides the perfect opportunity to get your pet involved during the holidays. Crafted without alcohol and completely non-sparkling so as to avoid any upset tummies, they are ideal liquid refreshments for your dog this festive season. We’ll drink to that.

9. Bubble machine

Dogs love chasing and chomping on bubbles, and let’s be honest, it’s great fun to watch. This really is the type of dog Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. With a safe, 100% non-toxic solution, you can simply turn it on, sit back and relax while your dog tries to catch the yummy bubbles. Oh, and did we mention the different flavours available, like bacon? Departing from the standard array of bones, balls and plush toys, your dog will be treated throughout the holidays with this adorably playful present.

10. A pet fountain

Gifting your dog a water fountain at Christmas is both practical and thoughtful. One of the main benefits a pet fountain provides is ensuring that your canine companion drinks the healthiest, most refreshing water available. If you choose the right model, it can be used anywhere in your home without mains power, offering unrivalled accessibility and ease of use. Every responsible pet owner wants the best for their animal family member, and a gift like a pet fountain will go a long way in showing them they matter to you.

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Got any other great Christmas gift ideas for dogs? Let us know in the comments below...

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