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10 Perfect Cat Christmas Presents

10 Perfect Cat Christmas Presents
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10 Perfect Cat Christmas Presents

Most important Christmas present to buy this year? Your cat’s one, of course.

Cats love being treated as much as people, and sometimes it’s hard figuring out what they’d like. However, we can help point you in the right direction to finding those purrfect prezzies, and that way the promise of a fun-filled Christmas with your cat is all but guaranteed.

We take a look at how best to get your feline friend into the festive spirit with our roundup of fantastic cat gift suggestions for this Christmas...

1. Toy mice

An old favourite among cat owners everywhere, toy mice make the ideal Christmas gift for moggie companions. Cats have a long history of playing with and/or hunting mice, and it’s no secret that they also enjoy pouncing on things that move. Whether stuffed, infused or motorised, treat your cat to some fun toy mice this holiday season. Get one in bright Christmas colours, preferably red and green, to add a touch of festiveness to their present.

2. A treat stocking

Probably the easiest way to make your cat happy is to spoil them. And when better than the holiday season to pull out all the stops with a cat-friendly treat stocking? This is an amazing opportunity to indulge your cat in a variety of luxuries, such as new toys, high-quality foods and many other goodies that show how much you care. You may wish to prepare your own or there’s always the option to buy ready-made. Either way, it’s important to make sure your pet’s every need is catered for – after all, it is Christmas.

3. A scratching post

Satisfy your pet’s natural instinct to claw with a cat scratching post. If your fur baby is a particularly active little soul, a scratching post can help relieve boredom, as well as give them a perfect manicure and an alternative means of marking their territory. Plus, it will definitely spare your furniture in the long run. If your cat likes to stretch out and climb as it scratches, then you want a relatively tall post. You could also consider getting them a tower for added versatility. To avoid claw marks this Christmas, invest in a scratching post for your cat to entertain themselves.

4. Catnip variants

Because what cat can resist such a tempting treat?! Just make sure that whether yours is an indoor or outdoor pet, they have plenty of space to enjoy themselves. Available in a wide variety of forms, catnip offers a multitude of texture and visual possibilities. There are lots of fun ways to gift catnip, such as within toys, through a spray or bubble blower, and even in the form of a solid ball. Whichever way you choose, it’s the perfect present for a lively playtime.

5. A cosy cat cave

If your cat loves sleeping in cosy places, then they’ll absolutely adore their very own cat cave. The gift of having somewhere to curl up and rest comfortably is one of the best things you can give your moggie companion at Christmas. And don’t worry if they already have one; cats can sleep anywhere around the home, so buying multiple products is a great way to spoil them. There are many great designs available, so whether it’s a fun Christmas tree-shaped cave or a stylish hideaway which complements your interior design, your cat will be able to rest both comfortably and glamorously over the festive season.

6. Personalised items

We understand your cat is a special part of the family, which is why you could get them something personalised this Christmas. Whether you go for custom food and water bowls or a personalised blanket and cat bed, you’ll be letting your feline friend know how important they are to your life. With some great quality gifts available for personalising you could end up with a house full of gifts with your cats name on! Christmas is a time for giving special gifts for all the family, so why not get your pet something which is totally unique to your feline friend.

7. A butterfly chaser

Interactive chasers are a sure-fire way to guarantee your cat has an exciting Christmas. Fun and accident-free, now your curious cat can chase butterflies to their heart’s content. By stimulating their hunting instincts, you’ll be keeping them active with what is essentially faux prey. And opting for a ball version makes it possible to place anywhere in or around your home where there’s space to frolic. Allowing the whole family to be involved, if an interactive chaser doesn’t get your cat into the festive spirit, we don't know what will.

8. Food maze

For cats that thrive on both mental and physical stimulation, you can’t go wrong with a food maze. Your cat will be able to move food through the maze with their paws until it drops down to the feeding tray. This provides them with fun entertainment while you are eating your Christmas dinner or playing your own holiday games. From complex treat towers to more straightforward challenges, make sure you choose according to your cat’s ability and personality. Look for toys that are well-suited to their individual temperament and you'll guarantee them some good feline festive excitement.

9. Window seating (aka a throne)

While everyone’s relaxing in the Christmas ambience, your cat will be sitting pretty on their cosy window seat. Nothing brings out a cat’s regal nature than having their very own pedestal. It’s also a great way for them to enjoy a festive nap. You can position cat perches anywhere in or around the house; they are highly versatile – an item for your pet to enjoy any time of the year. Pop a seat onto any wide window at home to give your cat the best view of the outside world in complete luxury.

10. Prosecco for cats

Let your feline friend enjoy some fizz with you over the Christmas period by gifting them some cat prosecco. If you want to serve something non-alcoholic and refreshing so they can join a festive toast, there’s no better present. Providing it doesn’t upset their regular healthy diet, you can go ahead and include cat prosecco as an exciting stocking filler for your cat. Available from any reputable pet retailer, it is easily ordered online or picked up with the rest of your Christmas shopping.

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your cat requires a lot of thought and reflection, but choosing the right insurance so that they have access to the best care possible is a no-brainer. Check out Petplan’s cat and kitten insurance policies to see which is right for your pet.

Do you have any other cool Christmas gift ideas for cats? Let us know in the comments below...

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