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What to do with an aggressive cat

What to do with an aggressive cat
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Q: My 12-year-old Burmese has started biting me hard whenever he wants food or attention, and generally grabs whatever food he can find. He doesn’t attack anyone else, but his behaviour towards me is becoming intolerable. Help!

A: Because your cat is 12 and has only just started to display this behaviour, I would take him to your vet in the first instance.

Some medical conditions can make cats irritable and constantly hungry, such as hyperthyroidism, and your vet may well recommend blood tests. In the meantime, as the aggression is mainly linked to eating,

I’d get into the habit of scattering a little dry food on the floor for him just before you walk out of the kitchen, so he’s kept busy looking for it. This would be part of his normal daily ration.

Providing a food activity ball may also help. Also, ensure you’re well protected, with thick slipper boots, thick trousers and socks.

If there is no medical cause, seek professional behaviour advice. Cat aggression can be a real problem, as cats carry bacteria in their mouths, and deep bites from them can cause potentially serious infections.


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