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Is it fine to share your bed with your pet? Debate update

Is it fine to share your bed with your pet? Debate update

Does snuggling up with your pet help you both to get a good night's sleep, or is letting your companion into bed strictly off limits? From pusses on pillows to dogs under duvets, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who have commented so far. If you’re still undecided on the issue, perhaps the thoughts of our experts will help you make up your mind…

By Sarah Whitehead, animal behaviourist, Clever Dog Company

‘We belong to society and era in which people are quite likely to live on their own – and for many people, their pet is their only companion. It’s a very mammalian instinct to feel vulnerable when you’re asleep, so sharing your bed can be comforting and reassuring for both the pet and its owner.

‘Obviously, it depends on the size of your pet and there are important hygiene issues to consider. If the pet has fleas, then you certainly don’t want them in your bed. And if your pet is prone to behavioural problems – separation anxiety, for example – then close contact at night could make those problems worse.

‘But we’re learning more about the neurochemistry of physical contact. There’s lots of research that looks at how humans release a hormone called oxytocin when they feel relaxed and, in particular, when they feel affection towards another living being. The same research has been carried out among pets, and its findings show that there’s no doubt dogs and cats also release oxytocin when they feel close to a human being. So the concept of bonding with an animal is more neurochemical than we realised a decade ago.

‘Sharing your bed with your pet is about personal choice. I disagree with the ‘dog-pack theory’ – we do not need to constantly show our dogs who is boss. But it is important to establish some initial ground rules and stick to them. And whatever your decision, you musn’t feel guilty about it.’

By Harvey Locke, former president, British Veterinary Association

‘I wouldn’t recommend that pet owners allow dogs or cats to sleep in or on their beds. There are health risks associated with being close to an animal for long periods – not least the potential for parasitic infestations to be passed from the pet to its owner.

‘Dogs and cats pick up fleas and ticks – and once fleas are established in your home, it’s hard to get rid of them. A flea can lay 500–600 eggs that turn into larvae, then pupae, and can exist in furniture, bedding and carpet for months. Plus, a disease called toxoplasmosis can be passed from cats to people and this  poses a particular risk to pregnant women.

‘An increasing number of people in the UK are suffering from allergies and asthma, and pets are an obvious trigger for these conditions. We’re seeing more allergies in pets, too. Dogs, in particular, can develop allergies to certain substances found in the home, such as the filling in duvets. If a pet is prone to an allergy, sleeping in its owner’s bed can trigger symptoms such as skin irritation or chronic diarrhoea.

‘There are behavioural issues that need to be considered, too. Dogs can be very possessive about their territory and will become aggressive if you try to take it away from them – and that can prove to be very tricky when it’s your own bed!

‘Animals tend not to sleep soundly for long periods of time, either, so you can end up suffering from disturbed sleep patterns if you rest alongside them. Remember, on average, people only spend seven to eight hours in bed. There are another 16 or 17 hours in the day in which you can bond with your pet in a more active and positive way.’

Let us know your answer to the question ‘Is it fine to share your bed with your pet?’ by commenting in the box below.

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Barbara Morris
I think it's great to share your bed with your pet - pets are so used to being with you and being part of your daily routine that it must seem strange to them to be left on their own at bedtime. Our dog has always been allowed on the bed and always will be until she can't jump on it any more!
lucie inns
I always used to allow my cats on the bed however they do tend to cause considerable sleep disturbance. I had one cat that used to groom my hair every morning at around 5am without fail (think this cat was a hairdresser in a previous existence). The other cat used to lie across my leg so that I'd wake up with a "dead leg" and dreams of paralysis in my lower limbs.Since my last cat passed away, I've realised just how much this had affected getting a good nights sleep. So whilst there is something lovely about waking up to a warm furry bundle lying across most of the pillow, I won't miss the sleep deprivation not to mention the unwanted fur balls on the duvet.
Billy's Mum
I always feel lost if I'm not sharing my pillow with my cat. There's nothing nicer than reaching out to hold his furry paw in the middle of the night. It's very comforting.I agree with Barbara's comment - if you have a pet they should be part of your life all the time if of course they choose to be.
I think it is a great idea to share the bed with your pet - I have two pugs and they are a great alternative to hot water bottles in winter! Also, as Barbara rightly says pets are part of the family and even if they snore all night they are still welcome in my bed!
cindy macdonald
My 3 mini long dachies and my chihuahua always sleep with me. They all have their own places. I love it and so do my dogs
cindy macdonald
When ur dog can,t jump on the bed anymore, i daresay u,ll lift her on as i do with my 4 xx
One thing to consider is what happens when your pet becomes old and incontinent, or chronically ill and prone to vomiting ? Having had the privilege of sharing your bed for many years he then finds himself banished to the kitchen, which for an elderly animal would be somewhat bewildering and stressful.Another problem with dogs is that sleeping with the owner gives them an inflated idea of their status in the household and can lead to behaviour problems (though clearly the problem has been brought about by the owner !) such as defending the bed against one or other of the human occupants.Far better to establish a routine from the beginning, where the dog or cat is provided with a warm, comfortable bed downstairs.
Margaret Wignall
I think it's one of the best ways to bond with your pet if you want it to be a member of the family and not just some thing to decorate the house, although I am a cat breeder I always share my bed with one or another of my cats.I understand that as they get old and and if they get chronically ill this might pose a problem for some people and it would not do for us all to be the same but if I had a chronically ill cat or dog I would make it comfortabe in another room and then I would move and sleep with the animal in better place for us both.
I can't sleep without a cat in the bed ;)
Debbie Lowe
I have 8 beautiful siamese, oriental and bi-color cats, I am a siamese breeder and adore my babies. I have to say though, when it comes to bed time, I sleep alone. I have slept with my cats but cannot get a good nites sleep because some lie beside me which is fine but about 3 of them like to lie on top of me, and I cannot move.lol. I don't like leaving them in the sitting room but for the sake of my job I have to sleep alone. Sometimes at the weekend they do come sleep with me still.
Jo Berry
Our dogs have always been allowed to sleep at the bottom of our bed. They are part of the family and why should they be banished to the kitchen when the rest of the day they are allowed to roam the home! The cheekiest to date is our little Jack Russell terrier who insists on sneaking under the duvet but what a lovely and safe hot water bottle he is, especially when I come home from working nights in this cold weather!
Howard & Margaret Goodrick
A King Charles Spaniel slept in our bed for 8 years and now what is a grumpy old Cocker Spaniel for the last 13 years. Frankly much as we like having the dogs upstairs, really if we have another dog we will suggest it sleeps downstairs! They pince the sheets, end up on the pillow, snaffle your biscuits, constantly rearrange the layers to regulate the temperature and eventually end up getting there first with their heads on your pillow them growling if you try to shift them. Just a few observations after 22 years. PS they go to their bathroom in the garden at 6:30 in the morning then zoom back upstairs and back to bed with mucky feet. Your choice!!! but there is never any going back.!!!
Suzanne C
I think I have the best of both - I sleep in bed and my Westie has his crate at the end of our bed. It's all nice and cosy in there for him. That way, I can hear him if he's whimpering/crying in the night when he's unwell or needs to go for a wee. Also, if he is unwell he isn't sick on my bed, I can just put all his doggy bedding in the wash!Saying that, I think that if I was single I would have my dog sleep on the bed with me. It's a king size and I'd probably like him for company and to warm it up for me :)
Anne McDonald
My dog Fondi sleeps with me every night. Her head is on the pillow facing me and she snuggles in. She doesn't move until I get up for work at 6.30 the next day.
Julia Dale
Whilst we don't allow our 11 month old Standard Poodle Albert onto the bed to sleep (he's too big!), he is happy sleeping in a basket next to our bed. After his morning wee he runs back up stairs and on to the bed for his morning cuddles - everybody's happy!
Leianne thomas
I used to let my dog sleep on top of the duvet on nights my hubby was working away. But as you would expect to happen, she thought she could sleep with me every night so had to stop it completely. My hubby doesn't agree with pets in the bed. Personally I loved having her there with me as it was comforting knowing she was there.
Linda Valentine
My chihauhau puppies sleep with me. Coco used to cry when I left her shut in the kitchen even though she had Lulu with her. I gave in and we all sleep in my bed. It's like having two hot water bottles. They are my pals day and night.
colin priestley
i know a person who used to shut his alsation in the kitchen until 2 people broke in and emptied the rest of the house as the dog could not get from the kitchen i used to have two doges who used to sleep with me one on each side of mefor 17 yrs and if i moved during the night igot growled out for distubing them happy days lol i would have not changed it i have a springer spaniel called harvey and he and he snuggles in at the side of me he is better than any hot water bottle in winter plus he dosent go cold as time goes on either lol
colin priestley
i used to have a lab springer cross and a pointer spring cross there great having two hot water one one each side of you do the growl at you if you dare to move in the night lol
Leanne Holt
I love sharing my bed with my two whippets from time to time!! When my puppy was between 6 weeks about 3 months old she slept with me every night until she got used to the older dog, I loved waking up to her cheeky little self!! I don't see a problem with sharing the bed with your pets, these especially like the warmth and love to cuddle up with me!!
claire brown
Our labrador starts the night in his own bed dowstairs but invariably comes up to us in the early hours. He lies on his back between me and my husband and snores extremely loudly. In and ideal world I wish we'd never let him as we both have bags under our eyes but its so difficult to break a habit
mary shaw
my cavalier Ruby sleeps with me i suffer from anxiety and since i have had her which is 6 months now i get a good nights sleep unless she gets up and wants to get back under the cover she gives me a nudge for that .
Each to their own and what works for you but as the owner of 2 labradors who love the forest, i have never allowed them upstairs let alone on my bed. They have their own bed and we have ours, all are happy!
Jenny Green
Yes our Stafforshire Bull Terrier sleeps under the covers inbetween us with her head on the pillow and our labrador sleeps on top of the covers at the end of the bed :-)
Sharon Wilson
Our two "boys" share our bed every night, and all of our previous dogs have been allowed to do this. I even get up during the night to lift the Westie back on the bed as he jumps off when he gets too hot but can't jump back up again! We also have another Westie who has a "sleeopver" on Tuesday nights, and he shares the bed with us as well.
rebecca lloyd
I love sharing a bed with my cats! I have 6 and generally there is 4 sleeping with me. I find nothing more relaxing than having a nap in the afternoon (on the rare occasion i can) with all the cats!
Fiona Kokoszko
My Westie Holly used to sleep on my bed but since I have had a new one which is quite high, I get worried about kicking her off. She now has her own bed and it is right next to my bed so I can put my arm down to stroke her. Occasionally she decides that she wants to sleep with me and as she is quite spoilt she normally gets her own way. My mum disagrees and she says that Holly should sleep downstairs on her own but Holly is very much a part of my family and I couldn't bare to leave her downstairs on her own.
Jesse Hall
The dog isn't even allowed upstairs let alone the bed! I don't think it's a good idea to share your bed with pets especially dogs as I think this sends the wrong message to the dog as to who's the boss in the house and could cause behavioural issues down the the line.
Alison davies
Dogs get cold just like you and I do so why shouldn't they share our bed. My Westie tunnels under the covers and sleeps by our feet but when she gets too warm she jumps down and sleeps on her cushion. I love to have a cuddle with my little girl :)
Jean Park
I love sharing my bed with my pets - I had to buy a bigger bed to accommodate them all comfortable lol.
Gaynor Lewis
As part of the family - Gwynny has slept on our bed since staying at the dog-minders for 3 weeks and was allowed to sleep on the bed there! When we made her sleep in her bed in the bedroom, she was shivering when I woke up in the night, and since then she has curled up on her blanket on the bed tucked into my legs. She also tells me when she is ready for bed by jumping up at me and barking about 10:00 pm most evenings.
My Irish Setter has always slept in our room, as we never had a way to close her off downstairs. As a puppy she used to have her own bed next to ours, but once her legs got a little longer she managed to climbe onto the bed and that is how it has been every since. She will jump off if she gets too hot, but she is like me and loves her comfort.
Paula B
I've loved reading all your warming stories!. I have four little dogs and one cat. In all the years I have had animals I have never allowed them upstairs or on the beds. However, I now do! My cat is a roamer and comes in and out of my bedroom window for a warm up and eats, but nestles on my bed mostly during winter-time.....tapping me on the head and nuzzling against my face to wake me in the morning.The dogs are a different story as I noticed early on that once you allow them to sleep on your bed there is no going back....so compromise? They all sleep in their own individual comfy crates during the night but wake me earlier than I need to rise for their let out into the garden and hunger pangs! I do this at say 6.30-7.00 and subsequently they all pile into my bedroom, some tunnelling under the duvet, and we have cuddles for another hour or two !.I am retired and now on my own and I get great comfort from this and they get so excited at the prospect too !!
Gail Harrison
My dog and I are both a comfort to each other. She warms me up like a hot water bottle when the weather is cold. When we have bad dreams, we settle each other back to sleep.The only problem, and I mean the only problem is.........SNORING!!!!!!! yes, she snores and wakes me up. But, I love her to bits.
Sylvia Land
When my husband died and I was left on my own I allowed my dog to sleep in his basket in my bedroom but when he went and the next dog came along she was a spoilt rescue and expected to be on the bed and when the next schnauzer joined her they both slept on the bed. My present new dog is very contented to join me and is a great comfort - not in the bed though just on top and I would draw the line at big dogs on the bed because you can't move about then. I love the feeling of being cuddled up to by the dog ; they seem to like some contact with you.
Pippa Tremlett
I've always allowed my dogs a cuddle ON the bed in the morning, Joshua used to love this, but as he's a golden retriever, he would get too hot so didn't stay long. Now that he is elderly, he can no longer get up onto my bed, but usually he sits by my chair so he can be loved. I see nothing wrong with having a dog on the bed for a cuddle - as long as he or she knows who is boss! I very much miss the cuddles on my bed in the mornings now.
Leanne Hyland
I have two Bichon Frise and they sleep on the bed with us every night and they have done since we got them. They hate being apart from us and if they ever need to go out in the night or want a drink they let us know. They snuggle in to us in the Winter to let us know they're cold so we put blankets on them and they get restless in the Summer if they're too hot so we open the window or put a fan on. Also, my girl dog suffers with fits and she has had the odd one at night so I just cuddle her until it's over and then she goes back to sleep. They have both on rare occasions been sick too so it's nice to know they are okay and that we can keep an eye on them and look after them.
Jamie Carter
Our dog sleeps in our bed with us, and has done since she has been old enough to trust her not to have an accident through the night, although I have to admit there were a couple of trial runs when she was younger that didn't go to plan! At the end of the day though, we treat her as we would a child and she clearly loves the warmth and love she gets from me and the mrs, by sharing our bed. We have a top blanket which she sleeps on to try and keep it as hygienic as possible.
Sarah Nuttall
Yes of course I share my bed with my three dogs (GSD, Lurcher and Springer) and when I go to visit my parents I sleep downstairs with them as my parents do not allow dogs upstairs. Dogs are pack animals and I am part of their pack. They are also working dogs so it has nothing to do treating them like children etc
Keeley Ainsworth
My golden retriever normally by himself has chosen to sleep on the floor. Recently my husband was rushed into hospital and Tico must have known I was sad as she slept snuggled up to me every night. When my husband came home, Tico went back to his spot on the bedroom floor. He was a real comfort to me and I loved having him to cuddle up too.
When we first got our puppy we let her sleep in the bed but now she has grown I am not sleeping very well. We are tryigv to crate train her but she does not stop barking for a good hour or more. Is there an easy way to calm her down so we all get a good nights sleep? I have tried plugins, clothing and toys so far.
Why not, Greyhounds are very clean animals My Oldest Merlin 9 in May likes to cuddle up to me, Whilst Mickey Finn 6 this month has his own human size single bed as he an extremely large Greyhound. Menta and Kelly have their own beds.
mrs kay edwards
meg sleeps on her blanket next to me on our bed. She does sneak under the duvet but doesn't bother us. I don't think there's a problem as long as she is clean!
Our westies share our bedroom and some of them come onto the bed - they have their own place on it. In over 40 years of keeping westies we have never had a problem with incontinence or status issues. To us, sleeping with our dogs feels the most natural thing to do, it is a 'pack thing', and they choose to sleep on the periphery. It has never inflated their status as they have always known the house rules. If that was the case they would have their privileges withdrawn, but it has never been necessary, we have a very well balanced relationship. Our westies are very much part of the family and I love mine sharing my life, my home and my bed.
Jane Sanders
My dog and I have reached a compromise on the sleeping in the bed issue. He sleeps in his bed on the landing through the night, but is then allowed on the bed for a half hour cuddle in the morning before I have to get up for work. If I don't open the bedroom door sharp at 6:30am to let him in then he sits outside the door giving a fine performance of a "woe is me nobody loves me" howl until I get up and open the door, which means he gets an extended cuddle at the weekend! Interestingly when the clocks go forwards or backwards he misses his 6:30am slot by exactly an hour
Hi.Well me and my dog share the bed but he sleeps on his own throw which in on half the bed but he never stays all night he goes when he feels I'm asleep/safe and either lays on the bedroom floor or goes downstairs, but returns upstairs around 6.30-7.00 and jumps on the bed and curls up and goes back to sleep. Love my dog to bits.
My dog sleeps on my bed on his own blanket but doesn't stay all night as he waits till he feels I'm asleep or safe then jumps off and either lays on the floor or goes downstairs, but returns back upstairs around 6.30-7.00am and jumps on the bed and curls up and goes back to sleep till I wake at whatever time that is. I love my boy would be lost without him.
Hi there. Have you tried a ticking clock wrapped in a blanket as this is ment to mimick the heartbeat of their mother.Hope this helpsNatasha
Chris pattinson
Yes it's fine to sleep with ur dogs. My jackahuahua and little chihuahua both sleep in my bed, they snuggle and keep me warm. When they are ill I do the same as I do the children, snuggle them in so I can keep an eye on them and if they are sick or wee then its a change of bedclothes..simple
Annie Brooks
We have a beautiful greyhound called Jimmy who is loved dearly...however the thought of him sharing the bed with my husband and me...absolutely not! It would be like having a third person in there. He has his own room along the landing from us and we have both doors open so that there is a 'connection' between us. And if he needs us he knows where we are. He's very comfortable with this arrangement. When we tried to get him to sleep in our room over Xmas because we had guests he didn't want to and went to his other bed downstairs!
Julia Anderson
Our beautiful cocker spaniel pups Brodie and Dylan sleep on the bed with us and always have. We just love having our boys close to us even if we wake with them on top of our heads most mornings. We would not change a thing as they are so precious. It means more washing and sometimes disturbed sleep but the benefits are immense. They bring us so much joy and comfort.
Suzanne C
Aw, your dog sounds really cute with his cuddles! & clever too (with sensing the clocks going forwards/backwards) :)
Bridie Luis Fuentes
All my dogs have slept on the bed from being puppies as a quick way to house train them. When they get restless then they are taken out for their jobs and generally it takes 7 to 10 days to achieve success. A dog behaviorist told me that as long as they get off the bed when told to then she would not object. So those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them! Part of the pleasure of having a dog to have her warmth cuddling in to mine.
Terry & Kevin Franks
Pets on the Bed. Currently we have 3 Cairn Terriers, 2 elderly females and one 16month puppy, I am more than happy to share my bed with all of them, my husband however, does have reservations, so in order to keep the peace they all sleep in the baskets during the night but are allowed upstairs when he leaves in the early hours of the morning to come up on the bed. Sheer bliss, for all of us. No problems whatsoever, until I decide to get up then one up all up ready to get out for a walk sooner rather than later.
Stella Hewison
My beautiful Staffy, Mia, lies right against the length of my leg, moulding herself to my body. It is a mutually beneficial agreement - she loves me and I love her, and we both pine for each other if we are not together. She is an excellent guard dog, so if anyone comes anywhere near me, she is an early warning system. And from her point of view, she knows that I will keep her safe and warm and well-fed.
We have two beautiful springer spaniels, but no they are not allowed on the bed or for that matter upstairs... No stair gates or barriers they just know not to come upstairs. When I was a child the family labrador was allowed on the bed but as he became older he had to be carried both up and downstairs as he would not settle if left downstairs, not an experience I wish to repeat.
Ruth Piggott
My cavapoo cannot possibly share my bed on a regular basis - my burmilla cat wouldn't like it! She has though shared it twice. Once was when I was staying with my brother. His cat has the run of the house at night and there was every chance he would beat up my dog if they met. The other time was when my hip was particularly painful. I swapped cat for dog in the hope that changing sleeping position and leaning on my dog might help. It worked but my cat was very upset and it took quite a bit to make it up to him.
Maggie Frappola
We have a 7 month old Bischon Frise and she sleeps on the bed with us, sometimes in the bed. My husband was not happy to start with, but he loves her as much as I do and I have caught him many times cuddling up with her in the bed.We keep our dog very clean and she always smells lovely so why not enjoy your dog, she sometimes has little nightmares and a quick cuddle later she is happy and back to sleep. Gracie is very cheeky and will climb into the bed and rest her head on the pillow, I actually believe she thinks she is human, I caught her the other morning pulling the covers over her.I was always one of these pet people who said I would never allow her on the bed, but she is part of the family and I must admit I love having her with me.
Gosh, I am the only one or one of the few that despite having had dogs all her (longish...) life never had one- large or small in the bed? Maybe because my mother was mad about germs and we all know where our dogs walk, what they like to sniff and what they eat or would like to eat given half a chance or just it does not feel right. I have also tried to follow trainers, instructors etc advice and I don't believe they encourage dogs in beds. I didn't mind my Siamese and Burmese in the children's beds though, when we had them... but cats are different. or are they?On the whole I think that sharing your bed with a dog that is supposed to obey you sends the wrong message: when you have several dogs they all follow their own "importance" and dominance rules, they don't all sleep together and some are very possessive of their own bed and place... I have plenty of time to cuddle and stroke my dog during the day and I like to keep bedroom and sheets hair etc free...
Neil Plucknett
Our dog always shares the bed with us. Usually starts the night stretched out between us with his head on a pillow only to jump off and go to his own bed in the early hours of the morning. However he always returns to his spot at around 05:00 He makes a lovely bed warmer in winter and it is a nice comforting feeling to wake up with him curled up against you, Only drawbacks - apart from the fact he sheds fur 24 x 7 is that he snores like a high pitched buzz saw and runs in his dreams. Not so good if its your night to have the paws against you ;-)
Yes my litle jack russel Smudge loves to get on the bottom of the bed with me at night, however I sometimes have a little face next to mine when I wake or am wakened up by the bed vibrating with him growling under his breath at late night revellers!And one night was frightened to death by my duvey coming alive --- he had got inide the cover and couldnt find his way out - Its a dog loves life HA HA Sid.
My two cats have their own beds at the bottom of our bed which they do love, but my one has a tendency to climb up in the middle of the night and climb under the duvet between us! I love it when he does this and don't even mind that he wakes me up in order to lift the duvet for him, because it is the cutest thing ever :)
My siamese sleeps in my bed every night, he curls up next to me and uses my arm as a pillow!
carol dunnill
Yes, our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Heidi shares our bed - obviously its a bit of a squash!!!
I don't agree with animals sharing beds and yet my cat Richard seems to have made up his own rules and sleeps on our bed every night. He has half the bed and my hubby and I share the other half!
Jayne Le Page
My Yorkie Roxy has slept with me from day one she always has one paw touching me all night.
Cindy, there are a number of companies that make little doggy steps :)Many Dachshund owners are familiar with these :D
We have got a 16 year old collie cross german shepherd called Shellie. she has slept in our room under the bed since we had her from the RSPCA as a 8 week old puppy. She is now suffering from arthritis but still manages to get upstairs to bed. Just in case of accidents we have a puppy pad in the room however our Jack Russell Milo who is nearly 4 sleeps in our bed. we had him after he had been to several homes and was very unsettled. He wakes me up if Sheelie gets p and wants to go out in the middle of the night. He loves being under the duvet and can often be found sleeping between me and my husband. If by some chance you move and nudge him he will give a growl to let you know he does not like being disturbed. Before we had Shellie we had a cocker spaniel called Ted and he also slept in our room but would grab every opporrtunity to get in bed for a snuggle. Our dogs are part of our family and even when we go to our caravan they go with us and sleep in our room/bed
We have two dogs, one was puppy farmed and due to her having had a stressful beginning will only sleep between us on the bed where she feels secure, the other one refuses and sleeps on the floor. At the end of the day its personal choice - there is no right or wrong just whats right for you and your pet.
karen waller
My little dog always sleeps with me and we snuggle in together next to each other arms and paws locked together. It is comforting to both of us and we get up exactly the same time.
Margaret Ellery
As long as your dog is clean I don't see a problem with them sharing your bed, Clyde often lies on top of the bed, he seems to relax more, as I got him from the rspca I don't think he likes to be alone
Amanda Mclean
I share my bed with my 11 year old collie Roy. He finds he needs a little help to get onto the bed lately. My husband has to sqeeeze in - or give up and use the other room sometimes- apparently Roy snores more loudly then me!
Sharon Nichols
Both my cats sleep at the foot of my bed but as soon as the alarm clock goes off they take it in turns to get me out of bed by either gently needing around my head on my pillow (Ash), or gently nibbling my fingers,toes or chin! (Smidge). It doesn't feel the same if they do not sleep on my bed.
Liza Lewis
I love it when my cat sleeps on the bed, he's part of the family. I do occasionally get some cramps for remaining in the same position for so long so that I don't disturb him and he grunts and snores, but his lovely little face is so full on contentment I just couldn't have it any other way. He does tend to "wander" round the bed quite a bit, switching from me to my husband, but we both love having him there despite the fact that he wakes us up.
Mrs Alice Morrow
Pixie our rescued whippet comes to bed with me and rests beside me whilst I'm watching tv..Then around 11pm when my husband comes to bed she goes and sleeps in her own comfy bed...such a sweatheart. What a pleasure to have such a wonderful addition to our family.
Raquel Vallancey
Absolutely if you and they want to! Our doggie always comes up for last minute cuddles and tends to head off to her own bed a little later, returning in the early morning for am cuddles. We all sleep pack like, leaning in and laying on each other, its great.
My jack russell has always slept with me under the duvet hes a great hot water bottle!
Philippa mcguire
My little fritz has been allowed on our bed since he was a pup and Ralph before him. I love to reach out and know he's there. Sometimes I fall asleep with him on my head as he sleeps on either mine or my husbands pillow. I would feel lost without him our bed is his bed
Our cat comes to bed with us most nights and sleeps between us. She usually goes downstairs in the early hours and then wakes me up around 5 am by jumping up on to me and settling there til it's time to get up at 6 - even if I am lying on my side she perches precariously and starts purring loudly :0)
My Jack Russell Boo sleeps on my bed and slides down so she is parallel with the pillow but under quilt,not sure how she does it!.When the alarm goes off she snuggles up to me until we run out of time with the snooze button!
Is it a crafty Jack Russell thing?
My two cats sleep on my bed, the girl cat curls up in the crook of my arm, the boy cat sleeps on the pillow n after padding his paws through my hair, he then gently lays his head on mine n goes to sleep. I did look after my sisters Labrador who, when I first got him and the bed was against the wall, he was on the inside n in the middle of the night,he pushed his legs like springs against the wall n I shot out onto the floor. After that, he slept on the outside where I would wake up, my nose up against the wall where he had took up most of the bed..
We have two dogs a jack russell and a collie cross,Murphy the jack russell spends most of the day under the the duvet lazy toad! Harvey has his own bed by the side of ours he's too old now to be jumping up and down I love my dogs and love this arrangement they are part of the family
lindsay miller
A friend of mine used to let her 2 cats sleep on her bed form when they were kittens until she had a baby and the cats were no longer allowed in the bedroom which caused them to become terribly stressed which in turn made them spray all over the house and they just couldn't cope with the new baby and she had to rehome them. If you sleep with your pet you will create a very strong bond which is great as long as you don't plan to introduce a baby to the mix or if you have cats liek mine who insist on trying to sleep on your head!
Yes I think it's fine to share a bed with your pets, all five of my cats share my bed, I wouldn't be without them ;0)
Ruth Waters
We share our bed with 2 westies and a cat. They make great hot waters bottles, don't go cold and don't burst and leak (yet!) .
My puppy starts off in her own bed (next to mine) and then jumps in with me soon after, she is so tiny but I put my arm out and she uses it as a pillow and stays there all night. I sleep very well knowing she is safe with me.
my cavalier does the same thing )).his ritual is to snuggle under the duvet and lay his head on my arm till it is stiff ))) and when he is too hot he lies in the middle of the bed on his back and stretch till we are nearly falling of the bed.))) he is a love bug....)
I have had cats in my bed since I was about a year old (my parents eventually gave up trying to stop it!) I find it much easier to fall asleep with a warm, purring cat snuggled next to me. However, I have never had my dogs in the bed. My current dog (Lurcher) sleeps happily on his own bed downstairs (wearing his PJs in the winter!).if he ever dared try, I'm sure the cats would have something to say!
Neville Bridgewater
I share my bed with my 2 great danes. To be honest I have had to put 2 double beds together so we have eneough room to sleep. I would not sleep any other way and the minute I turn off the TV they are at the door waiting to go to bed.
I have never shared my bed with any dog, but my 8yr old Shepherd/Borzoi rescue dog, who has lived in a kennel on concrete all his life now shares the bed - he doesn't snore, move or even look up - but loves the comfort!
My jack Russell loves my bed, he also loves his bed, funnily enough he seems to love my bed more in the colder months & jumps off to his bed in the warmer months, he sleeps on his back, legs in the air & when my partner is away, he takes he's side of the bed, with his head resting on my partners pillow. Love him to the moon and back.
J Titcombe
I do like to have the company of my cats on the bed with me. I have 3 Maine Coon cross cats and they are very affectionate. They give me the comfort of being able to reach out to them when I want to, if I'm allowed. One of my previous cats, Rupert, who died at 17 years of age, was my life. He and I were inseparable. I was heartbroken when he died, and said never again, but then I would not be the person I am not sharing my life with our four legged friends. t
Nick gall
As i read all of these wonderful stories of other owners pets my little white boy cat bailey is "fast on" beneath a sofa throw on the other sofa. Doubtless he will follow me up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire later , stating his claim to papas side of the bed!. And who am I to deny his little comforts?. All three of us will not doubt have a very comfortable peaceful 8 hours of bliss!, sheer heaven.
My partner and I have our jack russel x pug sleep on our bed, he loves cuddles and if I get up for work he takes my place and settles back down. Wouldn't have it any other way he's truly part of out little family.
Katherine Brandon
Poppy, my 6yr old Jack Russell, has slept with me since the day I brought her home at only 8wks old. I have been really blessed with her almost 'tailor made' sleeping habits. After having her teeth cleaned she goes into the bedroom at the end of the day and disappears when she's 'had enough', tunnelling under the duvet until the next morning, where she stays until I coax her out into the garden for her morning 'duties', which after duly performing, scuttles past me and straight back into bed until I get showered and dressed. I sometimes wake to find her lying up the bed with her head wedged between both pillows. Yes, I get the occasional 'football match /chasing rabbits' dream waking me up, (not to mention the snoring!) but I wouldn't change it for the world. Love me - love my dog!
Charlotte Jenkins
I started off by making Bumble sleep downstairs but he kept howling, when he wasnt howling and he was quiet then i lay in bed wondering what he was doing because he wasnt howling! I am much more relaxed now that he sleeps under the duvet with me!
Rosie Harrison
I have a 12 stone Newfie, who is usually wet and muddy.He does occasionally start the night on my bed, but it gets too warm for him and he usually quickly departs.If you allow your dog on your bed, you should also occasionally lie down in theirs!
Pat Campbell
I've had dogs and cats all my life and they have always been part of the family, choosing their own sleeping places, some have liked their own space others have been snugglers. The most recent member of the family is Sam a rescued great dane who has not been used to "snuggles" but it hasn't taken him long to appreciate them now. He now shares my bed (though the springs do complain) but to see how relaxed he is after his previous life is well worth it.
Lynn Burns
We were advised to buy a cage for our puppy beagle Bella, which we did. At first she was great, sleeping 'til 7 in the morning and once she had been out for her morning wee she would come up to bed with us! But she has become very crafty and wakes before 1am and so I let her come up then. She snuggles under the duvet by our feet, and then steadily moves up the bed, and after a few hours ends up on top of the duvet, where it all starts again! For such a small dog, she takes up the entire bed, and my husband and I find ourselves clinging to the edge for dear life, with not much duvet covering us! We generally have a terrible night's sleep, with her constant fidgeting, total bed takeover and snoring (like an old man)!! Not to mention what it does for the love life!!!!! I am also concerned that when we go on holiday and leave her with a dog-sitter, what will happen then - she will drive them barmy. Fear we have made a rod for our own backs!!! Not good.
Dawn Barnes
Both my Border Terriers share my bed. Both normally go to bed before me, so I have to fit in there where I can. Have got into a great routine, both now normally sleep through from night 'til I get up, and even then, they sometimes have a 'lie in' after I get up, and only stir when they are ready. Love it, only get an occasional growl when I try and shift them for me to get comfy! Like the other Poster, love me love my dogs!
We allow our cat on the bed and I will agree that sometimes it does cause disturbed sleep. I am always careful before I move in bed to ensure that I know where he is and hold him as I move. He seems to know when I am really tired though as he won't get on the bed until early morning. If we shut him out of a room he gets very distressed and thinks he is being punished, as a rescue cat we have no idea of his background or what he was subjected to, so for the five out of seven days pants sleep, his happiness is worth it :-)
Karen Bowers
We were adamant that we wouldn't let our puppy up onto our bed... but guess what, it wasn't long before she was allowed. It does help that she doesn't mault as I wouldn't like dog hairs all over the bed... we just get dirt instead. LOL. She loves snuggling up with us. She's the baby of our family.
Ann Amos
Actually, I would love my adopted greyhound, Jet, to sleep with me, especially now that my husband has died, but he won't attempt to climb the stairs and prefers to sleep in the living room. I have had 4 greyhounds over the past ten years and only my first one would sleep upstairs. She was very good and slept in her own bed during the night but then jumped on our bed for a cuddle in the mornings..... Before the greyhounds, we had two mongrels and they slept on the bed with us. I loved it really but it did mean that I had to sleep on the very edge as one of them insisted on sleeping between myself and my husband. The other one slept below my feet at the bottom of the bed.....
Ann Spearpoint
I totally agree.I have 3 lovely Burmesecats and they are very special.2 sleep with my husband and I and my kitten has her own room until she is bigger.They are part of our family and treated as such.
Katherine Fox
My cats are free to go where they want and my younger kitties come on the bed morning and night, I may loose a bit of sleep but sleep happy knowing they are so happy they want to show it to me.
Vanessa Cleland
I have always allowed my cats to sleep on my bed. At the moment my RagaMuffin Merlin aged 20 months does, I think I sleep on his bed! He knows when its bedtime, got his own spot next to me and rests his head on my pillow.....love it!
Faye Clews
Always used to let our cats sleep on the bed.........but!!! Since they have reached their elderly years they now pee on it and leave!!??But... We have a 5.5 month old choc lab, and we can't wait to let him get in. Still having a few pee issues evey now and then. Few months maybe.
Dillon is part of the family, Hes our early morning call so its imperative he's there at the end of the day so he can be with us at the start of the new day ahead.His purring engine sends me off to sleep. Hes just puuuuurfect room mate :-)
Lyndsay Pearson
My cat has anaemia and feels the cold, I hear him getting up in the night for biscuits, then he ends up lying on my bed. Some times it gets too warm with him on the bed and he ends up back in his own bed. When I got him at first he used to attack me if I moved my leg or foot, now he is older and wiser. My other two cats also used to sleep on my bed, one of them even went in to my neighbours house and slept on his bed when he had the flu! My cats have all been house cats and are clean and regularly wormed and given flea treatments, so I don't have a problem with them lying on my bed. They are meant to be spoilt.
Margaret Anderson
My German Shepherd always slept on my bed. When she could no longer jump up I slept downstairs with her, we were together 24/7. Now she's gone I have a feral kitten (now a year old) who adopted me. She won't settle anywhere other than on my bed, curled up against me. She has helped me a great deal because after Charlie died I couldn't sleep. There is no harm in letting your' pet sleep with you if it benefits you both.
our dog loves to sleep with someone, son and daughter (22 and 24) usually take her into their room at night , my husband does not like her on our bed and as she started sleeping with us because she was a rescue and very insecure , shes fine now, but when kids leave home or they are away a night , we have her in our room, but this doesnt go down well with hubby , have no idea what we will do when they do leave , or how to get her to stay in living room
My partner works a shift pattern so he's not always home at night. When he is home our two year old Lhasa apso/bichon frise sleeps on the spare bed in the other room. She digs into the duvet to carve a space for herslef and then sleeps with her head on the pillow. When my partner is away working she sleeps next to me (on my partners side of the bed). Either way she wakes up with the alarm and licks us! Her way of saying good morning!
Susan Fearon
What lovely stories. I am in my late 50' s and had never had a dog in my life until my son brought a little Staffordshire bull terrier home some 7 years ago. I would never have believed that I would have allowed a dog into my bed but I do, although he knows his place. He sneaks in when I go to bed but as soon as my husband turns the lights off and comes to bed he jumps down and slopes off to his dogbed in the dining room. When my husband gets up in the morning he sneaks back in and under the duvet for half an hour until I get up and he continues to have a lie in until I have my shower and get ready to take him for his morning walk. I just love him and allowing him in our bed has definitely not caused any behavioural problems.
emma urry
My cats take over my bed, Millie and Lola love to sleep under the duvet, Millie likes to sleep snuggled up against me with her head on the pillow and duvet up to her neck and stays put all night, Lola gets under the duvet but has a nasty habit of nipping to get attention, she likes to be constantly smoothed, it makes you cover up in bed lol. I don't sleep at all well due to my cats, but i wouldn't have it any other way.
Christine Keller
At the end of a busy day, snuggling on the bed with my two dogs is the finest relaxation I know. I love it, they love it, so where's the harm?I must admit that my "miniature" labradoodle puppy has grown much larger than anticipated - time for a larger bed maybe?
Suzy Travis
Nothing more soothing that a peaceful snoring orange cat at the end of the bed, purrfect, xx
Teresa Martin
Our four cats sleep on the bed. Sometimes it feels like we are sharing their bed as they often take up their position before we go to bed, consequently we have to fit in around them! Luther likes to sleep at the bottom of the bed and heavy weight that he is never budges. Marmalade and Ollie like sleeping up near the pillows, so they can tap us on the nose to see if we are awake! Stanley is not so fussy and will just walk over us and settle down wherever he wants. When we are not there they have more space and have even been known to get under the duvet.
Hell yes... As soon as I get ino bed he waits for the word' cuddles" and up he jumps and and bangs he head on my chest, sighs... And then sleeps... Well for a while then he goes to the end of the bed...
Our lovely Cairn Terrier called Nunki loves starting the night on my bed, then he gets too hot and goes to his own bed or my daughter's but in the morning, he is just ready to wake us up with a kiss usually 30 seconds before the alarm clock goes off! We just love him!
Deb Webb
Our Jack Russell Penny is a rescue dog. Fished out of the canal in Bath, We started off with her downstairs but she yipped all night and I was worried about waking the neighbours. After three weeks we brought her bed into our room but woke every morning to find she had crept in and under the duvet. Our bed is quite high so she must have gone into stealth mode because we didn't hear or feel her. Now she generally just starts off in the bed between the pillows. She sleeps very well and is relaxed, and if I stroke her during the night she moves until her tummy is exposed - it's lovely. I know all the arguements for not having her in with us but we don't mind. I do sometimes wonder though when I'm hoovering the sheet to get the bits of grit and hair up. When we go away she stays with friends and happily sleeps with their Jack Russell and Labrador who have beds on the landing.
Dogs really shouldn't be allowed in the bed...ranking order and all. But they are a member of the family and when you wake up at 2am with one of them nudging to try and get under the duvet how can you say no?!!Our lurcher loves to creep under the duvet to stay nice and warm but has a habit of stretching out and pushing us out of the bed!!
Anita Allchin
We used to have a cat that slept under the duvet in the winter tucked in behind my knees. She slept on the duvet in Summer - behind my knees. Our rescue dog slept in his bed on the floor in our bedroom, all night, from the third night we had him. As he grew he realised he could get on the bed, and did so at around 4-5 am and slid under the duvet. I was usually the lucky one who had his back to me as he would stretch out all 4 legs and nearly push my husband out. He did this for nearly a year until he had to have an operation on his back kneecap and we had to take turns sleeping with him on the sofa for a few nights to stop him jumping. This was an opportunity for him to sleep downstairs, which he now does, usually on a furry throw on the sofa.
I used to think it would be disgusting to have a pet on the bed until I got my first puppy Lady. We made her sleep on her own at first but she would get really upset. Eventually we let her in the bedroom and on the bed. I love it when she snuggles up to me at night i alway have a great nights sleep. occasionally she will go to sleep on her own bed and I won't settle she brings me a lot of comfort being next to me.
Dougal, has slept with me since losing his little kennel mate Montgomery. They are both toy poodles, but when we lost Monty he cried and cried, I took him into my bed as he had never been on his own before. He normally sleeps on top of the duvet, but 7.30am, he stretches and then gives me a wash. He then jumps on the floor, and if I don't get up, he jumps back on the bed and restarts the process. He is wonderful company, and I cannot imagine a time when he won't share my bed!
Dog is not allowed upstairs so no chance of being in bed with us however my wife does like to let our cats sleep with us. Problem is this can often trigger my asthma so I end up waking in the night to take inhalers. Also one of the cats tends to spread himself out (we have three but only two like to sleep on the bed) and try to takeover the bed. Failing that the same cat comes and goes during the night, using me as a springboard to launch himself off the bed and as a landing pad when he returns. The other cat sleeps all night at the bottom of the bed on my feet where he is no bother. I love them to bits but better all round if the cats are shut downstairs overnight in my opinion.
Our succession of dogs have always had access to our bed, but they also have their own beds on the floor beside us. Some have chosen to sleep with us for the whole night, some for part of the night and some have slept completely on their own. We've never had long-term problems with arguments over space between the dogs or any aggressive behaviour towards us. They know the rules and transgressions quickly result in the guilty party being excluded so they soon learn to be tolerant. When dogs become very old or ill we've found 'creative' ways to keep them by us or, as a final resort, one of us will move to sleep with that dog downstairs - this is usually not a long term need. Yes, sometimes we have our sleep disrupted and to be fair so do they, but they are part of our family. I know many people frown on letting pets sleep on beds and can understand why; but we like it and think the benefits far outweigh any problems.
Wow, these posts make me feel so much better! My sister thinks that allowing my cats on/in the bed is disgusting but I love having them with me even though I end up with stiff legs 'cos they curl up alongside them & I can't move! Munch loves to sleep stretched out under the duvet until he gets too hot, Sox loves to be curled up in my arms & Tilly sleeps behind my head on the pillow. Must admit that I hate the cat fur, but it's a small price to pay.
Mary Prickett
I have three white Boxers, they have the most expensive and oh so comfortable beds, however they much prefermine! Each time I have brought a new puppy into the house, I always crate the pup, telling myself that when it is old enough to leave the crate, it will stay in its own bed......has that ever happened?! Of course not.Think it may be time for me to settle down in one of theirs as want a new pup soon and four Boxers plus me won't fit.PS. I spend a fortune on bedding!!
Initially I shared my bed with cat Princess. Then Border terrier Jasmine arrived. Then there was Misty the cat. So my double bed was too small so I changed to kingsiz. Sadly both cats died but then Jasmine's son Lucion came along. They both sleep in my bed. There is an order- Lucion & I on the edge and Jasmine in middle. They have their own bedcovers but we share the duvet. Is it sad, I don't think so. They wake me up in the mornings so I don't need an alarm. Recently Jasmine was seriously ill, nearly died (she is fine after gastric surgery) but not once she soled the bed. If she needed to go she barked despite being so ill & fragile.And Lucion even does exercises with me on vibrating plate!!!
Linda Shaw
Pebbles, our cat always sleeps at the bottom of my bed in her own comfy bed but on occasion she comes up to the top end and pulls up the quilt to crawl underneath where she stretches her full length alongside my legs. It's so lovely although she gets so comfy she snores like a trooper so not much sleep to be had then for me.
Linda Shaw
My cat Pebbles sounds like your cat Munch. I keep lifting up the quilt now and then to let more air in because I think surely she's running out of air!! and like you I'm a stiff as a board to try not to move and disturb her....how sad am I. Not keen on the cat hairs either....forever hoovering the douvet!!
Have a read of 'In Defence of Dogs', the ideas about status and place in the household are shown to be wrong. It makes for a much happier and well adjusted dog. No problems about them sleeping on the bed, ours does, purely personal choice.
Hannah slater
I agree zack, my dog is a lurcher and will slept anywhere as long as he is fed and warm, he really does not mind from one day to the next, however I get cold at night so I ask him to keep me warm in my bed, it is all about needs not status.
Gill Griffiths
We have 4 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and our nightly routine is me and the dogs going to bed first so they get cuddles on the bed then when hubby comes to bed they get on their own beds that are in our bedroom. It's more of a size thing why they get off as there is not enough room for 2 humans & 4 Ridgebacks on the bed. Occasionally one of the girls will sneak back on the bed & lie between us for a while & then go back to join the other girls.
veronica wellman
I have had two Jack Russells, they are a breed apart and seem to have a real need to sleep with their owner. My Sam, who lived to over 16, spent every night with his head on the pillow between my husband and myself. Our current Labrador Ginny pleases herself, but these colder nighyts sleeps on our bed after a little routine of getting into her own bed for a while. She is free to do as she wants in that respect. I feel that as long as a dog is kept well, no fleas, worms or other things it is fine.
Our King Charles boys love sleeping with us. The snoring from one drives my husband mad so he gets out and goes into another room sometimes but they stay with me. They sit on us like sphinxes in the morning - kissing us till we get up for their breakfast - then they come back up for cuddles and wait for the last bit of my coffee. Often if its cold they burrow under the quilt or little Ollie will over the top of my head resting his face on mine. I am allergic so always have runny eyes but cant resist them - kids have left home so they are my babies now.
stephanie edwards
Saves on the heating! all my four cats sleep on the bed at night tucked into me, my dog in his bed beside me, all sometimes disturb my sleep but I wouldn't have it any other way,it is cosy for us all.
Lottie our labrador cross doesn't sleep with us but in the morning will come and snuggle with me......SOOOO RELAXING. I think having a pet in bed with you is just the best thing ever.
I love our gorgeous goldendoodle lilo but from day one she has, never set foot upstairs and has always slept downstairs in her lovely cosy, warm bed. My Mum on the other hand has her labradoodle Tilly sleep up with her in her bd every night, i think its always very different for single people, they find it more comforting having their dog with them at night which is lovely! But i couldnt imagine lilo sleeping in with us, she hasnt stopped growing and i have feeling shes going to be huge and plus i couldnt imagine what my fiance would think( cant imagine it does much for your love life! he he!)
My favourite part of the day is getting in bed and snuggling my little Frenchie! We started out with him sleeping in his own bed on our bedroom floor for a few weeks, then my boyfriend gave in to my moaning and he's with us every night now!
Janet Amoroso
Boo, our Russell-cross terrier, was abandoned and came to us when she was about 7 - 9 months old. At that time we always slept with the bedroom door open in order to hear whether or not any of our children awoke during the night. Inevitably, Boo would find her way into the bedroom and since then she has slept on my side of the bed or even under my duvet by my feet. She is now 10 years old (we think) but she has become very dominant and the more so since we acquired our Labradoodle, Tiptoe, a year ago. Tiptoe always sleeps in her own bed downstairs and happily so. Boo's dominance is now such that she will often fly out from under the bed and go for my husband's ankles and woe betide anyone else who dares to come near me! I have to confess that I do find this hysterically funny especially as my husband suspects I have trained her to attack him! However, it is not funny because Boo is probably under stress believing she is No. 2 in the family pack, so to speak. (I, of course, am No. 1!). Furthermore, my youngest daughter and Tiptoe both like to come up in the mornings for a cuddle with me before I get up and Boo has to be confronted in order for them to do this, each and every morning. So, as of a few days ago, Boo now sleeps in a bed next to Tiptoe downstairs and, even though she has had years of sleeping with me, she has accepted this with hardly any fuss at all. This has surprised me but then, perhaps, Boo feels happier knowing her place in the pack and the stress and responsibility is now off. She is ever an intense little terrier but, it has to be said, a very happy and active one and she even quite enjoys hunting rabbits in partnership with Tiptoe. When we are not looking there is quite a bit of affection going on between the two dogs. Tiptoe, needless to say, ignores all Boo's grumpy moments and seems to view her as simply her mum, an often bad-tempered mum but mum all the same. Tiptoe, of course, in true Labradoodle fashion, is all fur, fun and affection.
My four kittens (now 10yrs old) were born on my bed late at night while I stroked mum Pumpkin's back. Their first weeks were spent in a cardboard box nest on the bed so that I could spend hours watching them all....so relaxing! Needless to say, they all still consider the bed to be their territory and have even agreed to allow my new cocker spaniel puppy to share it. When I return from a trip out I can tell from the rush of paws down the stairs and the dents on the bed that they have been happy together in their haven. I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel lonely if I can't hear the sound of contented, sleeping members of the family on the bed.
I also have 2 mini dachies, both sleep the whole night with us, they end up under the duvet at the bottom of the bed.
I have 4 cats and they always sleep on my bed, yes I get sleep deprived as they get me up at 5.30am nearly every morning, but I love my babies and would be lost without them, their my family x
I think its absolutley fine for your pet to sleep on your bed.I have a Norfolk x and she loves getting snuggled up in the duvet with me and my partner,i would'nt have it any other way.
Julie Jeffery
I have 3 cats and they all spend time on my bed at night. One always sleeps on my left at the top of the bed and loves nothing better than to be stroked under her chin, which I also find very relaxing (doing to her!). One of my others always like to sleep below my knees inbetween my feet snuggled up. She is also the one that will sneek inside the covers and lie parallel with her head on my arm given the chance. The third one is the smallest (luckily) as she loves to come onto the bed early hours of the morning and lay on my top half! If I'm flat on my back, front, or on my side, she will find a small place to chill !My partner (who doesn't live with me) absolutley detests the idea of animals in the bedroom, on the bed or completely freaks at the thought of one in the bed! So obviously he never stays over! He has hinted on having to choose ..... hasten to say the cats win hands down !
Shirley Inch
Patch. my springer spaniel sleeps on top of my bed, his body warmth is lovely onb a cold winter night. I think on the bed is fine but under the covers is not necessary.
As long as everybody is happy, then it's not a problem.My labrador sleeps at the bottom of my king size bed, although I wouldn't let him under the duvet,all that dog hair !He always sleeps in the same place next to my feet, sometimes when he's been out in the garden for his last wee before bedtime there's a chance of muddy paws so for that reason and the shed dog hair, I put a cover over that bit of the duvet and both get washed weekly. Apart from anything else it makes me feel safe.
Our rescue dog makes up her own mind.Sometimes on the bed with us or in her own dog bed.her choice.mostly in her own bed.
Julie Bartholomew
My cat Georgie has slept with my husband and me for years, she was a RSPCA rescue. She is sometimes a little pest, but most of the time she is great. Georgie stays until I get up.
Carolyn Raper
That is the best part of the day going to bed and my little dog cuddling in with us; we and she loves it
yes my dog sleep in bed with me
Owning a pet means every aspect of your life should be shared. This includes the bed. Why have a pet if they are just banished to a room. They provide comfort and warmth and they don't actually judge what you look like at any time of day. A pet is very much part of the family and there should be no restrictions right up until they are ready to say goodbye.
Amanda Cox
My Tonkinese does the same. It was fine when he was a kitten but he takes up half the bed now! However he has very short soft fur which makes for a nice feeling on the legs. The other 2 cats aren't allowed in the bed. One is far too hairy and moults everywhere and the other always has cat litter stuck to his legs! They sleep on a throw on the duvet by our feet.If they disturb us at all they get put out on the landing and the SScat goes by the door so they cant scratch to be let back in. Gradually they are learning that they get cuddles ONLY if they are calm and dont chew our hair or sit on our faces or try to knock things over.
Sylvia Anderson
My dog, Bruce, is my friend and partner. He goes with me everywhere at home and we certainly would not want to be separated at night. Usually he sleeps at the foot of the bed, but in cold weather we both keep each other's backs warm. Security for Bruce and for me. He is quite big and I do not want him to get under the covers, although he has done this very occasionally. For me, that is a step too far. Previously, when I was not single, our pet Jesse often slept on top of the bad, but, unlike Bruce, preferred to go to his iown bed when the lights were out.!!!!!
joy tasker
pets are family, our two oriental cats, Seppy and Sophie, always sleep with us, one under the duvet behind my knees and the other under the duvet in my arms. We hate sleeping withouit them.At one stage I had ten cats, that was great, when it got cold I just put another cat on the bed .
Our dogs have always slept with us in the bedroom, they have their own bed but they always start on our bed and then get onto their own bed when we turn the light off. Our current dog, Enya, loves her own bed which is at the side of ours but likes to cuddle up with us first and then goes to her own bed. In the morning once we are awake she will then get back in with us. When we first had her, at 3yrs old, she didn't know what stairs were and was frightened of them but her need to be with us soon overpowered her fear and as soon as we saw she wanted to come upstairs with us we helped up and then helped her down - she very quickly overcame her fear and now as soon as you say 'bedtime' she runs to the back door to go out for her tinkle and then straight up to bed. She is a member of our family so where we go she goes.
Our dogs are allowed in every room of the house,and they do sleep in our bed for the first couple of hours,them they go into their own beds. Because Zappa & Kay are German shepherds with long hair,i guess it gets to hot for them..but then there's Lucky,a chocolate Labrador,who doesn't mind to be hot at all,he sleeps between us with his belly up all night.And there's our two little birds,Rosa & Rita,they don't sleep in our bed,but we keep their cages close to us and they fly free around the house,Rosa is dog friendly,lol !Anyway,we can't imagine our miserable lives without them !!! Love our dogs,love our birds !!!
We think that its fine to let your pet slep on the bed. Queenie our 6 month old boarder terrier comes in for a little cuddle every morning. We would let her slep there all night put she aways jumps of and gets into her own bed.
I've never allowed my dogs upstairs, let alone on beds. My rescue staffie changed that. She's terrified of being alone & almost bald from stress. Goodness knows what happened to her. I couldn't keep her warm at night so, having invested in the best flea & worm protection I can find, I relented & she sleeps on my bed in her own doggy sleeping bag (not under the duvet). It's been good for us both. She's warm & a much calmer dog. I feel warm & safe with her beside me & I sleep so much better. There's no dominance issues as she's only allowed on the bed if I say so. My foster dog, a confident & furry little madam, sleeps in a crate downstairs as I don't want to get her into habits her forever home might wish to undo.
Vivienne Morgan
Our little Yorkie rescue dog Toby decided after 2 nights that he wanted to sleep where I was. In order for us to all get a good nights sleep I relented. I have a cover on the bed...even though he is a very clean dog. He sleeps all night with out any fuss at all. In fact he often lays in longer than I do and frequently goes up before me. He knows which part of the bed is his. He is so funny and enjoys having the freedom that he didn't have before. He is a great guard dog, so I feel safer with him near by.
Mavis Waghorn
I always let two of my dogs share my bed, the other one is a bit big, he only comes up if he is really cold. Jilly2 and Pippa love to curl up with me every night. We keep each other warm. It may not be healthy but it lets them know they are loved. Barney has a nice thick blanket.
Marie-Francoise Meyer
Roxy sleeps between my husband and I. She is a rescue dog that has been badly abused and sometimes she has nightmares and cries in her sleep. It feels good to be able to comfort her when she needs it.
I don't see anything wrong with it if it makes you happy. My little cat, Poppet, was a rescue cat and was badly treated before I had her. She was very nervous at first but now she is like my shadow and she tries to anticipate where I'm headed next. She always knows when I'm getting ready for bed and is there waiting for me when I get in. I love having her sleep on my bed as she's so cuddly and warm. Sometimes, though, I wake up in the night perched on the edge of the bed where she has tried to edge closer and closer to me! But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Marie-Francoise Meyer
Roxy sleeps between my husband and I. She is a rescue dog that has been badly abused and sometimes she has nightmares and cries in her sleep. It feels right to be there to comfort her when she needs it.
Hmmmmm... "Love me and love my dog" springs to mind! Get your 'hubby' to sleep downstairs and have your insecure love-needing beloved dog sleep with you.Aftere a few nights of your husband sleeping downstairs, feeling unloved, unwanted and neglected, may help him understand how your dog feels! Good luck, xx
Good for you girl! hahaSo long as you have your beloved cats (or they have you!!) your current partner is not going to be right for you.I had a partner once who wouldn't allow me to have my cats on MY bed (when he stayed over) - he didn't last long.
My little jack russell cross chiwaha loves sleeping on the bed. I really couldn't imagine sleeping without her , She is really good and doesn't move all night. She sleeps on top of the duvet with her own blanket on top of her to keep her warm and luckily doesn't snore.
Our dog Harry always sleeps on top of our bed, as have ourprevious dogs. They are part of the family, and we are a "pack".As long as the dog is clean, no flees and is well behaved, there seems to be no problem. Perhaps one has to change the bedlinen more frequently - however Harry alternates between the bed and the floor during the night, depending how hot he is!! or we are!!He also alerts us to any strange sounds, and keeps me company when Malcolm goes onto the internet at 6am.,whilst I'm still sleeping!
Caroline Ridsdill
Misty, one of my springers, is very much part of my night time regime. She snuggles under the duvet at the bottom of the bed keeping my feet warm. After an hour or two she disappears and joins my other dog downstairs who prefers to stretch out on the sofa. We then get a weekday call at about 6.30 from her and about 8.00 at weekends. Misty is very loyal and I feel she is putting us to bed at night and then getting us up in the morning. She will pop in a couple of times in the night just to check all is well. She is very much part of the family and I would not want it any other way.
sharon hillman
i have 3 beautyful dachounds and they all share my bed with me they all got there favourte spots on the bed or under the covers they make me feel save at night and give me all the love in the morning by a kiss on the nose .
mrs joyce marshall
I have a manx kitten and he is called Mr Snuggles,he broke and dislocated his back leg and ankle .but he has always slept with me since i brought him home just 8 weeks old full of cat flu and stinking of wee i just could not leave him in the hands of his horrible owner and ,we traveled a round trip of 300 miles i cleaned him and bathed his eyes cuddled him and made sure i put plenty of fluids in him .he is now on the way to a great recovery thanks to the vets and pet plan.i do have another cat who if she wants to come on the bed she does if she doesn't that's fine just like us sometime they need a little security, some times they don't want the fuss but i do not let the dog on the bed for one she is a great big Great Dane and she is 13 years old and now has to have medication to stop her wetting in her sleep .
Joanne Tiplady
We have a Chonzer (Bichon/Schnauzer cross). He loves to sleep on the bed, but I prefer him to sleep on his own bed next to ours. Although as soon as one of our alarms goes off he jumps on and snuggles up with whoever is left in bed.If both my husband and myself are up he wanders into my daughters room, she loves having him with her.
Adrienne Barnard
Hi all, Not been long with Petplan Jan 13. I;ve had 3 cats & 4 dogs in my life so far. CATS, had Spanna & her son on top of bed at bottom, Spanna had her favourite spot on left as i sleep on the right side. her son flint slept on the right by my feet which was a bit irritating. Spanna died at 15 yrs then her son was in a shed 2 doors down. The old lady closed the door on him as i could not find him for nly 2wk He died in that shed after she invited me in her yard to talk about her kitchen which was changed with a loo downstairs. then she talked about a cat in her shed she found dead ( i knew it was him) her son put him in the dustbin What a shock i got took ages to get over it.Anyway TUTU came from back street he liked to stay out all day out from the owners house, cut it short i got him in the end as they moved. Hw likes to sleep where spanna slept on the left.The dogs last 2 were Yorshire Terriers 1st Shandy was 8wks old died 9yrs old 1996. He like to sleep on top down below which was ok by me. The other PIP he tried on top which did not work every time i moved even a foot he would bark loud so i got him to sleep under bed which was ok. He died 2yrs ago age 15yrs. I've just got a new now same breed and same as PIP.long legs but a girl for a change.16 mths old. I wont let her up stairs unless she has been for wee outside as she has weed 3 times upstairs and she has not slept with me either as from other owner she has been sleeping on couch. which she does in my house she has her own duvet. i have brought the dog bed down but she wont sleep in itshe owns my coat now the one i use for taking her out with, i use. she sleeps on it LOL..But i love her bless her.
I Love having my cat and dog sleep on my bed as it makes me fell safe and when they are on my bed they have to be able to feel me and if they can not they move and the dog and cat sleep together.i will always let them sleep on the bed with me
I never allow dogs on the bed - in fact they aren't allowed upstairs at all. The cats are a different matter, and can sleep on the bed if they want. I can identify with Lucie though, it doesn't always lead to a good night's sleep - I once had a cat who liked to kneed my hair, so violently that he virtually felted it to the pillow. It hurt!Of the current pair, the 'kitten' sleeps behind my knees, and the older cat - a Siamese who feels the cold - insists on being under the quilt, preferably curled up under my chin. I don't really approve of this, but it easier to give in than to deal with the headbutting, stamping around and the wailing, as only a Siamese can. Yes I'm a mug to allow it, but she does keep me warm!
mary wright
my whippet,Poppy loves to snuggle under the duvet down by my feet especially when it is cold she has no doggy smell and no moult a very clean cuddly dog my previous whippet Jay was exactly the same the breeder has her favourites on her bed a whippet trait to be close to their owner and be warm as their coat is so fine they feel the cold.Now my greyhound Lillie has copied her and in the cold spell snuggled under the duvet with her head on me she too must be close to me and has very little moult and sometimes my cat Jessie is by my feet if very cold on the top of throw.luckily none of them move very much so do get a decent nights sleep
My hubby is often away for long periods of time as he is in the military, so my 3 Jack Russells keep we company at night! They love their bed time and are often found on a night time sitting on the stairs telling me it is time for bed! They all dive under the covers! and yes they do snore! But I wouldn't be without them as they keep me snug and we love our lay in on Sundays!However, now I am pregnant I think it may be time for them to move down stairs! Not looking forward to the whines through the night until they get used to it though!! x And I will miss my little furry hot water bottles!!!
Yes Jack Russll's do like to get under the covers! My 3 try to dig their way under the covers every night and then they all have their spots! Buddy lies between my legs with his head on my tummy, Murdock lays by my feet and Holly likes to spoon or lays under the covers with her little head on my pillow xx The only problem is her smelly breath in the morning when she wakes me up with kisses! xx
Sue Allen
One of our three sleeps on our bed and she is so good about it. She has a little cuddle then curls up at the bottom, coming back up to have a cuddle when we wake up in the morning. The other two would probably like to but there wouldn't be a lot of room for us if they did!! We also run some dog friendly holiday cottages www.eastrustoncottages.co.uk where we are happy for dogs to sleep on beds there. Sometimes guests bring their own bed linen because they like their dogs to sleep with them and that's absolutely fine by us!
i think it strenthens the bond between pet and owner as well as giveing them fredom to sleep with you.my cat buzzbey always sleeps at the end of my bed so he can feel safe and sleep happy.
Anne Wigg
My cat, Jude almost always sleeps on my bed for part of the night and if it's VERY cold - under the duvet. As a family we have always allowed our cats on the beds and the only slight problem is that you have to wash the bedding more often in wet weather because of muddy paws!
yes! the best part of having a cat, is waking up with a fur stole around my neck! she gets the big bed too! :)
Lisa Wainwright
Our Yorkie Roxie has slept on our bed since she has been big enought to jump up. She always starts off on her cushion on the floor and as soon as she thinks we are asleep jumps and sneaks in on top of the quilt between us both. I love it however my other half says he doesnt, however secretly I now he loves a Yorkie cuddle.
ruth harbottle
No point in having a pet if he/she isn't allowed to sleep with you. Wouldn't dream of stopping our lovely cat George sleeping in bed with us. Very theraputic and hes a natural bed-warmer.
Vanessa Wrenn-Haye
My beautiful cat Tabetha has slept with me since the first day I brought her home. She is now 11 and likes nothing better than an initial cuddle & fuss before settling down for a good night's sleep. I find it very therapeutic and cannot sleep without her she helps me to drop off to sleep. Wonderful companionship.
I always said if I ever had a dog, no way would it get into bed with us....... how wrong was I! Our year old Jack Russell sleeps with us every night, starts off at the bottom of the bed and by morning she is right in between us! At least we know where she is and she's safe.
hilary morrison
My Golden Retriever Bonnie only comes on the bed when she thinks it is breakfast time. She starts the night on her own bed in the kitchen, during the night she comes upstairs and sleeps on the bed in the spare room so really she does what she likes!
Julie wilding
I have 2 gorgeous dogs, a lab & a Stafford. I love them to bits but I would never let them sleep with me, they are not even allowed up the stairs. I cannot understand people that allow it, they snuggle up together in their crate in the hall & they are v happy to do so. I couldn't imagine dirty paws, dog hair , or doggy flatulance in our bed & it s not good for your dog, at the end of the day they should know their place in the family.
I really don't think it's good to sleep with a pet. I have a beautiful border terrier puppy who I adore. He won't leave my side. I cuddle and kiss him but would never share a bed with him! He is an animal, and they don't need to sleep in a bed other than their own. He is a very happy dog and is none the worse for sleeping alone at night. Even a pet needs space!
I have s beautiful and v large 2 yr old black labrador. He does not sleep with us as he has his own bed and sofa in tthe spare bedroom. We do love snuggles though at a weekend and he always curls up on the bed while we get ready for work in the morning. Absolutely adore him. I think its lovely snugling up to your dog!!!!
val wall
I sleep every night with my dog Dottie, and my cat Tiggy. Dottie always lays to my right, and Tiggy sleeps on the pillow behind Dottie's head. I must admit their combined snoring can be a little noisy, but then as an ex partner did the same thing, so I suppose you could say I'm used to it!!!. I think this is the one time neither girl is vying for my time, so on the whole we are an harmonious three some. I probably only have myself to blame, as the day I bought my 10 week old Dottie home, she and I snuggled on the couch under a duvet ans fell asleep. ............ so nothing has changed there then !!!!
Our lovely 1 year old cocker spaniel sleeps on our bed. she can be a bit of a 'bed hog', but is very well behaved and does not fidget. I have woken to find her curled up on the top of the pillow like a furry hat!It is a lovely feeling to have her nearby, all warm and comforting. Maybe I am selfish, but I feel very secure and relaxed with her so close. She is kept clean and parasite free and does not smell particularly bad, although she does snore at times.Its our choice and hers to sleep together, we are all ok with it - so no problem.
My cat Tabitha sleeps with me every night. She is a rescue cat and she was so stressed when I got her she slept with me the 1st night I had her and continues to do so. she starts off sleeping under the duvet next to me. then she sleeps on top of the duvet, then she sleeps back under the duvet again. It does disturb my sleep......but she is such a sweetheart and wonderful company.
I have always slept with my pets but we said we wouldnt with the next one as our last dog our beloved Beth was a yellow lab and she took up alot of room, so we said with the next we wouldnt. So along came Archie an 18month Beagle who came to us to rehome and he was in a cage, we couldnt stand the thought of him being in the cage in the day while we were at work and again at night and the only place we knew he wouldnt do any damage or if he did we could stop it was in the bedroom. So another dog to sleep with us and we said we wouldnt. Its brill as i feel the cold hes my hot water bottle and he wont settle now unless hes with me if i slept on the sofa he would be there. Its also comforting to know he there and we love each other unconditional.
My two shelties are welcome on my bed anytime. My old boy Mitch needs a lift up but sometimes stays all night, which he has rarely done in his 11+ years. Rory the young but oversized version likes to stay all night but can be a bit of a bedhog!Rory will stay all day if i've done a night shift, he really is a big lollop....
Mairi Leach
My cat Daisy loves to sleep on top of me for most of the night. She also licks my face to waken me. I find her such a comfort and she is a fantastic companion to both myself and my husband. She gives us both, extra comfort, warmth and companionship. We love her to bits!!!
alison graham
When a cat is on the floor, you look down on it, and it, up at you. But when it is in your bed, with its head on the pillow like a proper Christian, and fast asleep, then it becomes a small sleeping being, sighing, dreaming, stretching, snoring....sticking its four paws into your back to get more room - a companion that loves just to be there where you are. And dry its soaking wet fur up against your neck....best thing I ever did, getting a kitten.
I think it's up to the owner but me personally wouldn't let my dog sleep on my bed because no matter how much you clean them they always hv a certain doggy smell and like to lick their privates especially male dogs which always seem to hv a dribble hanging and I wouldn't like that dribbling on my bed.
We got our beagle puppy in September 2011 and did very well with our training initially. He slept in the kitchen and would habitually wake me up at 6am. After a while I started to bring him up to our room in the early morning to let me get another hour or so of sleep! Then in March of 2012, Copper the beagle ate a packet of Nurofen while we were out and ended up in the vet on a drip for a week, narrowly avoiding kidney failure, liver failure and death! We were so happy to get him home that he did get snuggled into bed with us occasionally. Then! My partner and I watched Marley and Me one night and he's been in the bed with us ever since! He really is such a part of our family and sometimes he can be a pain during the night but for the most part, it means the three of us can all get a decent night's sleep. Now, most mornings, we have to wake him!
lorraine perrin
my 10 year old jack russell has always slept on someones bed!!if he cant get in our room he will scratch at every door till someone lets him in!!he has a tendancy to sleep under the duvet how he does it i dont know ,the only thing that drives me mad is he insists on getting alongside me and making my legs go dead i love him there though he has epilepsy and can sometimes have fits in the night so at least i know hes ok if hes with one of us
Joanne Lowe
I could never imagine a night not sleeping with my Westie! When he curls up into the small of my back and I feel the heat from his little body, it is the best feeling in the world. We always have snuggles before we go to sleep and if I didn't hear him snoring I would wonder what was wrong!! What's the point of having a dog if you don't let them share every little part of your life!! He invariably jumps off the bed in the middle of the night anyway and goes into his own bed in my bedroom but we always start off sleeping together. I'd rather share my bed any day with him than a man!!PS - I'm not single!!
lynda smith
Our boy sleeps on our bed Saturday and Sunday mornings, amazing how he knows the days. He is a big boy 45kg Boxer X and suffers with his joints, so YES we lift him on. All part of our weekend routine.
Amanda Grimes
I'm genuinely surprised by the number of people who let their dogs/pets sleep in their beds. I adore my collle-Labrador cross, but having him in the bed would be unbearable - he sheds hair, gets muddy, and sniffs all sorts of unsavoury things! It's just not hygienic.
Both of my dogs do, one at the bottom of the bed and the other one likes to climb under the duvet. Good job they are only small!
My big ginger tom, Genghis, always sleeps on the bed, on his own towel on top of the duvet - he sleeps against my stomach or alongside, but if I lie on my back he sits on my chest. He wakes me up each morning about 6 to be let out, then comes back for another snooze. This cold weather he makes a lovely furry hot water bottle!
I have no problem with my pets sleeping on my bed (except space maybe!). My dog and 2 cats all sleep with me, however the dog alternates his sleep with both sharing my bed and sleeping in his dog basket in my bedroom, depending on his mood. As he is protective, I feel safe with him sleeping close to me.
Mr C Goodall
When we bring a puppy into our lives, we are telling them that they are apart of our family now. So therefore he / shein my opinion has every right to be treat as one of the family. So snuggling up on the bed is apart of that family as far as I am concerned. You wouldn 't adopt a child and put it in a cage in the kitchen. So why do it to a puppy.Another aspect of allowing a puppy/dog to sleep on the bed is the moment they start moving about it's a sure sign that a visit to the garden is imminent, so it helps with toilet training, it also helps with bonding.Let's not forget, this is a young scared little puppy, who has been taken away from his mother and placed into a strange and frightening environment, so they look to us for comfort, protection and food, as their mother would have done. They rely on us for everything they need.So if you are a responsible owner and your dog or puppy has been wormed, innoculated, treated for fleas & other gremlins there is no reason why they should not share your bed.Besides, my wife and I prefer the sound of tiny paws to those of tiny feet.At least if you treat them right your puppy/dog will not grow up to become a thug.
Belinda Hankers
Our dog Derek sleeps on our bed every night. He doesn't mind sleeping on his own if he has too but I like him being there and he likes it too. He is a pack animal and so am I. We like to stick together.
Belinda Hankers
I've read all the comments now and I have to say that although I love my dog on my bed I think an animal can be very happy sleeping on their own and it may not be practical to have a large dog on a bed. We started with our puppy in the kitchen at night which really helped because although he likes to sleep on the bed now, he is very confident on his own when he has to be.
Paul Miles
All of my dogs have slept either in my bed or in the bedroom. It strengthens the bond we have. My current one, tinks, abides by my shift patterns and if she wakes me out of sequence then I know there is something wrong.
I always said my bedroom would be off limits but that didn't last long at all. I have 2 cats. Duke who loves to curl up right in the middle of the bed so that I am forced to sleep in the most awkward positions and Gonzo who curls up but is up like a flash if you move! I moan about the rotten sleep I got but when they're not there I kinda miss them!
Mylo, our mini smooth dachsie, sleeps in the kitchen at night but when the morning comes and my wife is leaving for work he is lifted onto the bed where he snuggles under the duvet, on a beach towel, for another 1/1/2 to 2 hours, occasionally resurfacing for a shake of the body. He then heads to another part of the bed, usually to the foot end with his head just showing. What a picture!! Long live the Dachsund!
Sam junor
My silver tabby, Ziggy has always snuggled up to me since kitten hood, but more recently, he scratches the side of the mattress about 3 o/c am, every day, where I lift the duvet and he jumps in under the covers and snooks up with his mummy for about an hour , I fall back off to sleep, and at a decent hour, he's on the bedside table, pawing my face to get up and get his breakfast. I don't see no problem with your pet sharing your bed, I find it very endearing that your little furry family member wants to be close to you , sharing the warmth, comfort and the closeness of the time that humans are totally relaxed( hopefully) .
Marion Foster
My little Bichon always sleeps with me and loves snuggling up especially when it's cold. I love drifting off to sleep resting my hand on her side or holding one of her paws.
Catherine & Tilly
We love having our kitten in the bed. He's bigger now but loves sleeping by my feet or crawling in and snuggling up to us under the duvet. It's harder to get up though when he's toasty doing that!
Rupert Pybus
40kilos of Lord Cardigan has been sleeping with my wife and I for the last 12 months. We rarely both get a good night sleep and some nights he hogs both the covers and bed space But he is very cute and loves to snuggle
P.Jill Arnold
We have 2 dogs, lurcher Spring anfd lab Simba love to sleep at end of our bed and i always kow they are safe and not lonely. We wouldnt dream of getting them on floor like my late parents and siblings!
Karen Coetzee
Our wee tabby cat Lily May doesn't always sleep with us but in winter she definitely creeps in either on top of us or in between us & I have no problem with it as her chirruping relaxes me!!
paula moffett
i had two labs who always slept downstairs but after one of them died suddenly his brother moved to sleep upstairs in his own bed at the bottom of my bed , he is happy enough until 6 in the morning when he gets up with me and snuggles up for hugs , i dont mind as he is on his own during the day now and it is company for him .
Elva Cartwright
My two dogs and cat sleep upstairs , Alfie a Shih Tzu, sleeps on the bed with me and we both sleep well. I live alone and get great comfort from my three pets. They say that pets reduce stress and my health has certainly improved since my little dog became my shadow since I bought him nearly two years ago. I have a throw on the top of my bed for him to sleep on and it is washed weekly and as he doesn't lose his hair I cannot see why it would be unhygienic for him to be with me.
carol hodgkinson
many years ago i had a reason to be on a plastics ward, if you people saw how many there with thier faces badly mauld crying.they all said the same thing, but we have always done it he was my baby, and i dont mean pups. i mean dogs they have had for years.
I have a small dog, and a single bed that we both share at night time, he gets under the covers. and he just leaves me a small place to sleep as he takes up the rest of the bed. Also I babysit dogs when their owners go away and I have them at my home. And than at bedtime all the dogs gets on the bed to sleep and sometimesI land up sleeping on the sofa in the front room.and 5 minutes the dogs comes into front room and try to get on sofa with me. so in the end we all go back to my single bed and try to get some shuteye.
aww bless, I know the feeling as I have a cavalier king charles spaniel, who is my baby, and he sleeps in the bed with me, and he takes up most of the single bed.
my cavalier king charles spaniel, sleeps with me in my bed at night time. and when I look after peoples dogs while there go away. and at night time I will have my dog,and the other dog/dogs sleeping on my bed and some time I am the one who might land up on the sofa.
Even if my dog got to old or ill like that, I would never kick him of the bed he will still be allowed to sleep on my single bed, I just make sure that they were water proof under the bedsheet to safe guard the mattress, and if he is sick on the bed all you need to do is to change the covers.
poor you, beening woken up frightened that your duvey was coming alive.
My dog now barks if her back legs are to sore to jump and we have to lift her up (6 stone of dog), my husband has built her some steps so we are trying to train her to use those, all because he let her up one night when she was unsettled after moving house. We even ended up buying a 6 ft bed so we could fit !!!!! The things you do for your pets !!!!
Joe Blackman
When its a puppy it should sleep in the kitchen. When they get older and they are house trained, they should be allowed to get in bed. My mummy thinks that when you are with your dog, you feel safe. (I am aged 6)
This really depends on the person, the bed and the animal. I wouldn't want to share a small bed with a big drooling dog with behaviour or hygiene issues. Common sense can judge for itself. My chihuahua sometimes comes into bed with me although usually he sleeps in his bed on the floor next to me. He gets regular baths and is not a dirty dog, I have no allergies and he does no harm there. Usually his little bed is on my bed next to my pillow. He sleeps with me when I am in a double bed on my own or occasionally when I'm in my single. He has not got a pushy character and his friend and carer not his boss. I don't believe there is a stict yes or no argument to be had here. I think this is dependant on the particular case.
Exclusive Pet
I'd say it's fine as long as your dog/cat is happy and as long as they're clean, vaccinated etc then no problem. The main problem we have is lack of leg room as the dog likes to lay sideways!
Nuala McCorry
My Cat Mr Chris is a long haired Black Cat and i've let him sleep with me ever since i got him as a stray kitten. I really dont care what anyone else says about the health implications and what not. I take extemely good care of him and he has never had fleas or worms so that doesnt cross my mind. On one occassion when i accidentially closed the bedroom door he was crying so much and scrapping at the door that i had to open it. Chris has his routine he gets onto bed and has a long prodding session lastly about 15/20 mins and then settles down in between my legs. Perhaps i dont get a full nights sleep as if im turning i'm aware of where he is and i lift my leg up and put it the other side of him!!! The things we do to make sure they aren't distrurbed lol. Chris also likes to on occassion get under the blankets with me. He will let me know by coming up to my head and purring intently into my ears until i lift the duvet, then he cuddles at my stomach and stretches his paws onto my arm. I know he's contented as he clenches his paws on my arm and i feel the tip of his sharp nails.
My cat, Puffy, (grey/brown tabby) sleeps with me on the bed. She either sleeps next to me or at the bottom of the bed. I love hearing her purr and seeing her cute little face every morning. Our other cat, Pws,(black fur) sleeps with my sister every night, usually next to her under the duvet. Occasionally she will sleep on the pillow next to my sister's head! The only problem is that they both (mainly Pws) will scratch on my door every night between 3-6 a.m to be let outside (she refused to use the litter tray we bought for her, instead choosing to use the bathroom mat as a toilet) or fed. This can be annoying, especially when she scratches rhythmically on my door. My sister wears ear plugs to bed because Pws makes so much noise (!). However, I wouldn't change them for the world. I love them both with all my heart. Pws is an elderly cat and her behaviour has become more attention seeking as the years have gone by but she is a sweetie and makes me laugh every day with her antics.
Alison Langridge
I love my cat being on the bed with me, purring away. It's an amazing bonding experience knowing that this little creature trusts me enough to curl up and sleep with me. Gorgeous !
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It highly depends on the situation.I'm okay to let my cat sleep on my bed, no problem, but when I was about 13/14 my black lab would sleep on my bed and I breathed in a lot of the hair he was shedding, it gave me a ridiculously terrible cough and I was prescribed an inhaler. I'm not Asthmatic in any way. Once the dog was taken out of my room to sleep and onto his own bed, my situation improved greatly and eventually went away...I was deeply gutted, but it had to be done.
Hi Muffin,That's a shame about your black lab and we do hope you are okay now too. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Do come back and visit our blog regularly for more topical posts. We hope you enjoyed reading this one.ThanksJade - the Petplan Team
Suzanne Sugden
Both of fur babies sleep in bed with us. They have just as much right to be there as us!
I let my dog on the bed during the day or if I've come up early but not at night unless necessary because we both like to stretch out therefore im wary of him and not wanting to kick him etc... because he really does snuggle up to my legs so i cant move around much, and he like my pillow as well, and I wake him up when need the loo or turn over etc.. so got him a bed that's deep and comfy so he now likes his new bed more than mine. We both get better night sleep in our own beds, we tried it out couple of times and it don't work for us, his bed time is 9 and goes to sleep mine is 11 plus so also keep him up with the TV.
Christine Baynham
I have slept with cats on my bed for the last 40+ years and I have never caught a nasty disease, allergies etc. Now I find it hard to sleep without at least 1 of our cats leaning against my legs. My last cat used to sleep either with his paws wrapped round my arm or between me and my partner with his head on the pillow and his body under the quilt
Hi Suzanne, thanks for letting us know whether you let your pets in your bed with you! Do come back and visit our blog regularly for more topical posts. We hope you enjoyed reading this one. Thanks Jade – the Petplan Team
Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing your story with us. We hope he carries on enjoying his own bed! Do come back and visit our blog regularly for more topical posts. We hope you enjoyed reading this one. Thanks Jade – the Petplan Team
Hi Christine, thanks for sharing your story with us about your cats. Do come back and visit our blog regularly for more topical posts. We hope you enjoyed reading this one. Thanks Jade – the Petplan Team

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