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Do car journeys stress out your cat?

Do car journeys stress out your cat?

Q: My son has a one-year-old rescue cat that is generally calm and friendly, but pees and poops whenever she travels by car in her cat carrier, even if she has used her litter tray shortly beforehand. Can you suggest why this could be?

A: Most cats are not used to travelling in cars and it can be very stressful for them. They are placed in a carrier, removed from their home territory and put in a noisy car.

Fearful situations such as this can result in a loss of bladder and bowel control. I would line the carrier with newspaper or old towels that can be thrown out after the journey.

Spraying the inside with a product called Feliway (available from vets or veterinary websites) 10 minutes before she is put into it may also help. To minimise any travel to veterinary appointments, your son could ask whether his vet offers the option of home visits or a mobile surgery

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