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Should your dog wear a jacket in winter?

Should your dog wear a jacket in winter?
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Q: We have just bought a Pug who the children have called Lucy. She is a wonderful character, but seems to feel the cold terribly, shaking whenever we go outside.

I don’t want to be like Paris Hilton, but the kids are keen on buying her a jacket for winter. What do you think?

A: If your little short-haired dog feels the cold, then some type of warm clothing during the winter months may be OK – as long as this is just temperature-related. This could be a behavioural problem, where little Lucy is nervous about going outdoors and shakes as a result.

If she seems happy and well-adjusted outdoors, then canine fashion can be tolerated as long as it is comfortable and allows your dog to act naturally – a pink puffa jacket does not fit this description!

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