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How to stop your cat spraying

How to stop your cat spraying
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Q: My 14-year-old Siamese-cross cat Max has started to spray everywhere, especially if he cannot get his own way. What can I do?

A: Spraying is the most common behaviour problem I see in cats. As Max has not sprayed before, I'd get him checked by the vet to ensure there is no underlying medical cause for his sudden change in behaviour. Has anything changed recently in his environment that may have caused him anxiety? It's important to pinpoint the exact cause of the behaviour so it can be dealt with. Don't tell him off because this may escalate the problem. Obtaining a Feliway® spray from your vet may help too.

Inga MacKellar, animal behaviourist

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I had quite a bad problem with my cats spraying. Three of my cats are male so I think some of it was down to competing with each other. There are also a lot of other cats in the area where I live and I think this had something to do with it as well. I bought a couple of big bottles of solution that contain enzymes to destroy the urine. I blitzed the house with it and now apart from the odd occasion the problem has virtually gone away.

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