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Stopping your dog chewing - what you can do

Stopping your dog chewing - what you can do
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Q: My dog won't stop chewing a small wart under his tail. He chews it constantly and makes it bleed. He's a grumpy old boy and can get obsessive. How can I stop him doing this?

A: There are some excellent inflatable collars, which will restrict your dog's ability to turn its head, but unlike the old lampshade collars, they won't restrict peripheral vision. Used for a few weeks with a course of antibiotics prescribed by your vet to clear up any infection, this may help to reduce your dog's wart and allow it to heal. However, surgery may be your best bet to remove it once and for all. Get a blood test first though, to check that your old dog is robust enough to undergo the anaesthetic.

Scott Miller, vet

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