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Toilet train your rabbit today

Toilet train your rabbit today
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Q: Can I train my granddaughters' rabbit? She won't use the plastic tray that we bought. We don't want her to be uncomfortable in a wet hutch.

A: Rabbits are generally very clean pets and will naturally choose one spot in their hutch to go to the toilet. Watch your rabbit over a number of days and you'll see which spot she's chosen, then place the litter tray there. Fill it with a safe litter, such as recycled newspaper or citrus-based litter, just in case she decides to nibble it. Try placing a treat or toy in the tray as an extra incentive, and then just be patient. She'll make a few mistakes, but if you watch her and reward her for going in the tray with a treat, she'll eventually get the message.

Scott Miller, vet

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Louise Blake
Great tip! I did a similar thing with my hamster - after a few days you will definitely get to know which corner they use to go to the toilet.

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