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What to do about strange lumps on your dog

What to do about strange lumps on your dog
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Q: Our 10-year-old Labrador has developed lots of soft lumps over the years. Our vet told us that they are likely to be fatty lumps and that there were too many to test. Should I continue to point them out to the vet each time a new one develops?

A: It is very important to keep track of strange lumps and bumps on your pets and to report them to your vet whenever they are present. Fatty lumps called lipomas are very common in ageing Labradors, and tend to grow slowly while remaining smooth in texture.

Owners should be concerned if a lump or bump is growing quickly, or has changed in colour or consistency (for example, from soft to hard or from smooth to nodular), and this is always something that should be flagged up with your vet.

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