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Why does my dog dislike the car?

Why does my dog dislike the car?
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Q: My dog hates getting into the car but is OK once we are driving. Why is this?

A: I would check with your vet in case he has some movement problems and it is painful for him to jump into the car. Even young dogs can have hip problems.

Sometimes, dogs do not like to jump into a dark area. Has your dog ever been hurt as it jumped into the car?

A bad experience, such as a tail or paw being caught in the car door, can result in a dog forming a bad association with entering the car. You can now buy car ramps for dogs with mobility problems.

Otherwise, I would spend time playing with your dog around the car – for example, on the driveway or in a safe open area, with all the doors open (so the car interior is not so dark). Encourage your dog to get into and out of the car with treats and toys, so that it becomes a game.



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