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Things You Wished Known Before Buying A Pet? Part 2

Things You Wished Known Before Buying A Pet? Part 2

Earlier this year, we devoted a blog post to the things you wish you'd known before you got your pet. We had a fantastic response, so we decided to ask 10 of our favourite mummy and pet travel bloggers, too. Their responses express the joys and challenges of juggling a family and pet.

'I wish I'd known about the early morning rubbish clearances. Even though we feed our pet a healthy diet, she still cannot refuse the allure of bins. Picking up rubbish is not what I want to do first thing in the morning.' Mums the Nerd

'It's the therapy they provide. The wisest advice and most in-depth self-help books do not compare with the gentle chin of a large, soft head placed on my knee. They just know when I’m sad.' Water birth please

'As soon as you bring a puppy home, get them micro-chipped and get a tag on their collar! At about six-months old, our eldest daughter didn’t lock our back garden gate properly. We let Poppy out into the garden, not even thinking about the gate. Ten minutes later, where’s Poppy? We found her at a local vet, but it was a huge lesson learned.' Stars and Roses

'Puppies love to eat wooden furniture. Jake ate our monks bench, table, chairs and anything else he could get his teeth into.' Twopointfourchildren

'It’s amazing how quickly our pet has settled into our family. I am totally outnumbered by boys, but I can’t imagine not having him now.' Seasider in the City

'No matter how bad your day is, who can resist an excitable hound!' Johnson Babies

'We lost Minky for five hours once. We looked all over, and I was worried we would find her on the road, squashed. In fact, she was in a cupboard sleeping. I felt like shouting at her, cuddling her close and crying with relief. And that’s how we are with children. This connection means I gain so much more out of having the cats.' The American Resident

'Jellyfish on Ettrick Bay on the Isle of Bute are best avoided and will cause vomiting within approximately a minute of consumption.' Phileas Dogg

'For the last time PolPol, it is a bath not a litter tray.' Two cats, youngling and me

'I wish I'd known that someone doesn't magically come and clean up the poo in the garden. I can't just assume that my husband Paul will do it. I've learned that the hard way.' Emmy’s Mummy

Our thanks to all the bloggers who took part. All raised the sentiment that, despite the toilet troubles, vomiting and occasional nuisances, their pets are all very much a part of the family and they wouldn’t change them for the world!

We'd still love to read your responses to the question: 'What do you wish you'd known before you got a pet?' Please share your thoughts by commenting in the box below.

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Liz Robinson
before I got my pet I wish I'd have known how hard it was going to be to say goodbye....
Elaine Croft
Thanks for including my comment about micro chipping, Such an important thing to do with all dogs.
Stephen Clayforth
I wish that I had known how much of our life would revolve around them. We show our dogs so every week there is bathing and grooming, entering of shows, checking the weather forecasts so we know what to pack, travelling to shows (inc. getting up at silly o'clock), showing them, talking to friends (old and new) and then travelling home. Plus the costs of all this (we dare not add up how much it costs us per year!!). Then there is the 'normal' daily routines, seeing to your dogs needs first thing on a morning before your own, exercising them, cleaning up after them, feeding them, checking on them when they start barking, worrying about them when they appear off colour, planning holidays around them (if you can still afford them) plus all the other little bits. What do you get in return? You get sympathy when you are down, exercise you possibly would not get otherwise, a soft head to pat and, above all, unrestricted LOVE. Would I swap this for a 'normal' life - NOT FOR ONE MINUTE.
joan cooper
Poor you. It's always hard to say goodbye, just cherish the memories that you would never had if you hadn't had your pet. Maybe you will have another one when the hurt eases
Barry Vincent
I wish I had known the price of Vet fees as they can be eye watering.
I wish I'd known how much more interesting life would be and I'd have got a dog earlier! Oh, and rescues rule! :)
I just wished I known how many times my little Cinnamon would leave me praying in the emergency vets waiting room, I know have a 3 legged, flea allergic, hayfever suffering, clothes escaping cat (he had a variety of clothing to stop him licking the hole in his chest from when the dog attacked him). Would I change him? No way he may cause me so much heart ache but he also offers so much love racing to get through the cat flap so he can greet me at the front door, hours of cuddles and affection. Where would I be without my spice boys,( his brother is called Ginger) probably more wealthy money wise but not love wise.

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