Reviewed: 3 top cat carriers

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Whether you’re taking your pet on a longer trip or just to the cattery, the right cat carrier can make all the difference. We asked three owners to put some uniquely designed carriers to the test. Here’s what they thought…

EB Pet Tube

The EB Pet Tube, from £42.50


Our reviewer said: ‘We moved house recently, so this carrier turned out to be very handy for transporting our seven-month-old kittens, Bowie and Claude,’ says owner Laura Willows. ‘They’re very playful and inquisitive, so they enjoyed sniffing out the carrier a few days before we used it. They had no problems being put into the tube and it was easy to use. Once we were at our new home, we left it out and the kittens played and slept in it while they got used to their new environment, which seemed to help them feel more calm and secure. They’ll still happily go in the carrier if we ever bring it out. The tube felt safe and strong, and I’d definitely use it again.’

Me & My Pets expandable carrier

The Me & My Pets expandable carrier, from £12.95


Our reviewer said: ‘My cat, Soofus, has arthritis and isn’t all that mobile but is very easy going,’ says owner Frosso Miltiadou. ‘At first, I placed him in the carrier and carried him about indoors to get him used to it. The carrier was lightweight and easy to use, but unfortunately Soofus didn’t like it at all. But then, he doesn’t like any carriers! It’s a shame, as it did feel safe and well made, but you can only have the expandable side hatch open when it’s stationary and this probably makes it feel too cramped for a large cat. It’s compact, and easy to store, but I’d recommended to owners of smaller cats or dogs.’

Maxmer top-opening cat carrier

The Maxmer top-opening cat carrier, from £15.99


Our reviewer said: ‘Our cat Maurice is just over a year old and can be very hyperactive,’ says owner Catherine O’Brien. ‘He’s also incredibly stubborn, especially when we’re trying to get him to do something (like try out this rucksack!). And it was hard to tempt him into it, even with treats placed inside to lure him in. However it looks great and doesn’t need any set up at all, plus its mesh top would help keep a cat cool or let them look out at the world. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport – I could even cycle with it. I do think it could be improved with the addition of a side opening, as it would be easier for Maurice to get in this way and then it could just be zipped up around him. I’d definitely use this instead of a traditional carrier, but I’m not sure I’d recommend this model unless you have a very small cat or kitten.’

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