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Dog Breed Information, Facts & Advice

The Beagle makes a loving family companion and is always keen to be part of the action. A brave, athletic dog that needs a strong hand in their early training. They love to follow a scent and can jump walls and dig under fences in pursuit of its quarry – and can be very vocal when doing so!

Size: Small to medium, 34cm – 40cm
Coat: Short, glossy coat means that needs grooming about once a week.
Exercise: 2+ hours a day for adult dogs
Life span: 12 - 15 years
Breed group: Hounds fall into two key categories: those that hunt by scent and those that hunt by sight. The former tend to be more outgoing, while the latter are longer-legged and more agile.
Size 34cm
Coat short
Exercise 2+ hrs Life span 12-15years

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