Pet IQ: Is your pet an einstein?

Petplan has devised a new IQ test especially for pets, so you can finally find out for yourself just how clever your best friend may be.

Result 120 – 150

'Petsa' worthy! Congratulations, your furry/feathered friend has a superior intelligence that should not be underestimated or you could find yourself eating from their bowl while they take your place at the table.

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Result 90 – 119

Your pet is clever but has been known to have a few dim moments. Most pets fall in this bracket so never fear, your pet is in the majority.

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Result 89 and under

The lights are on but no one’s home. Lucky for you, your pet is cute enough to get by without intelligence – just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't walk into walls too often.

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When you come home from work, does your pet:

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Call your pet. Does it:

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Call out the word 'telephone' to your pet. Does it:

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Tell your pet to do something you've taught it. Does it:

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Does your pet's behaviour change when it's in trouble for something?

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Using a towel, gently place it over your pets head. Does it:

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How many words does your pet recognise?

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Make a noise that your pet would make (i.e. bark, meow, chirp etc). Does it:

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When you stroke your pet. Does it:

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If you put your pet in front of a mirror. Does it: