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DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts for your bunnies

Make the festive season special for your rabbits with these three safe and easy-to-make Christmas presents, perfect for bunnies.

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Christmas can be tough on rabbits – with so much going on it can be more difficult to spend lots of time with your outdoor bunnies, while house rabbits will have to cope with more visitors and unexpected routines.

Make your house rabbits’ wellbeing a priority by closing the kitchen door to minimise cooking smells, display your Christmas tree on a high table, and protect all electric leads and cables with spiral wrap. Take time every day to check and play with your outdoor rabbits, and make sure your pets’ hutch or shed is well insulated. Finally, try making these homemade toys – nothing says ‘I love you’ like a thoughtful handmade gift!


Cardboard treasure box

  • Find an empty cardboard box, around 45cm x 45cm, and draw a straight line around all four sides, 5cm up from the base.
  • Using a craft knife, cut around the line so that you end up with a cardboard tray.
  • Chop the rest of the box into strips the same length as the width of the cardboard tray, by 6cm wide.
  • Pop all of the strips, upright, into the tray until it’s almost full. Tuck a few nuggets of raw veg in between the cardboard layers and cover with hay (and soil, for even more digging adventures), and let your bunnies hunt for treasure.

Keep your bunnies entertained with a corrugated cardboard digging and shredding box, filled with hidden treasure!


Cardboard nudging balls

  • Mark four lines around the cardboard roll, about 1.5cm apart. Use a sharp craft knife to cut along the lines and you’ll have four cardboard rings.
  • Insert one ring into another ring, to create a cross shape, then insert the third and fourth rings at an angle – you should now have a looped cardboard ball.
  • Draw on some pretty seasonal patterns with a non-toxic pen – like stars or festive bells – and tuck a couple of rabbit nuggets or small pieces of raw veg inside. Your rabbits can nudge it along the ground until the treat falls out – the perfect Christmas reward.

Recycle a few empty toilet paper rolls and keep your bunnies on the ball!


Mini snowball stretching toy

  • Take some edible paper (pet-safe versions made from potato starch are available) and cut or tear it into little squares about 4cm x 4cm.
  • Pop a bunny treat – a dried food pellet or a small piece of veg – onto each piece of paper, gather the corners and twist the paper closed to make lots of little snowballs.
  • Cut or tear edible paper streamers, around 2cm x 15cm, and tie a streamer to each snowball. Then hang them in rows or bunches from the roof of the hutch, or from a piece of furniture, and let your rabbits investigate!

Encourage your bunnies to stretch their muscles by reaching for these mini ‘snowballs’.

Safety first – always supervise your bunnies when they are playing with any toy, in case parts come loose or break.