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About Petplan

ASBOs for dogs, TV programmes to train tubby terriers…It seems our pets are becoming increasingly unruly but are our beloved furry friends really naughtier than ever, or is it just a media myth?

Petplan, the UK’s leading pet insurance provider, needs your help to find out. This week, National Pet Week, sees the launch of Pet Watch. This first ever national census will provide a comprehensive insight into pet behaviour in the UK, alongside attitudes towards our own and other people’s four legged friends.

1 -
How many cats do you see regularly in your garden?
None 1 2 3 4 more than 5
2 -
What annoys you most about neighbourhood pets?
Noise – barking, howling, screeching and fighting
Mess – dog mess and cat’s litter
Damage – pulled up plants etc
3 -
Does dog mess bother you in your neighbourhood?
Yes, it’s a real problem in my neighbourhood and a constant source of irritation
No, it’s not a problem in our neighbourhood
4 -
Have you ever noticed the following?
Cats fighting in your neighbourhood
Rarely Frequently Always
Cats wandering into your garden/property
Rarely Frequently Always
Cats howling late at night
Rarely Frequently Always
Your pet coming back with scratches or injuries
Rarely Frequently Always
5 -
If you have a pet, has it ever been attacked or hurt by another animal?
Yes No Don’t own a pet
6 -
Is your pet more likely to be a bully to other pets, or to be picked on by other animals?
Bully Victim
7 -
Given the risk of bullying, do you think it is safer to keep cats locked up at night?
Yes No
8 -
Recently news broke of the possibility of dogs getting ASBOS for misbehaving. Would you like to slap an ASBO on any of the pets in your neighbourhood?
Yes No
9 -
Have you ever felt scared for your children around neighbourhood pets?
Yes No
10 -
Has your garden/property ever been damaged by someone else’s pet
Yes No
11 -
Have you heard of the Animal Welfare Bill?
No – I’ve never heard of it
Yes – I do not agree with it
Yes – but I’m not sure what it’s all about
Yes – I think it is a good idea
12 -
If you have a story about pets getting up to no good, we'd love to hear it! Tell us about it here, and don't forget to add your details if you would like us to contact you
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