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X-ray-geous Pet Case Studies

X-rays showing the strange things pets swallow

Whilst many people are watching what they are eating at this time of year, pet owners may need to keep an eye on their pets too. If you're missing your Christmas present or lost your new golf balls look no further it could be hiding in your pet's stomach. Here are some examples of things that dogs have been swallowing:

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Petplan, the UK's favourite pet insurer, is seeing a growing trend in pooches swallowing things they shouldn't around the house. The pet insurance specialist is witnessing a rise in post-Christmas claims as parts of presents or other bits that are left lying around the house get 'stuck'.

According to Petplan, many pet owners experience a time when they cannot find an item and have no explanation as to where it might be. However, during the busy Christmas period, when the home can become disorganised, that missing item could be hiding in a pet's stomach. Over the festive period, Petplan has seen claims of everything from a toy to a golf ball to tinsel being swallowed by Britain's pets.

Brian Faulkner, Petplan Vet of the Year comments: "At this time of year, I come across pets swallowing the most incredible things. It's important to be careful when leaving items lying around the house as pets love to explore and often end up eating things!"

He continues: "Dogs are inquisitive by nature. If it is within reach, smells good and looks good, you can be sure it'll go down their throat and it might not come out the other end! Intestinal obstructions at this time of year are common. Not only are these painful or potentially even life threatening for your pet, they can be expensive to resolve."

Top tips to keep your pet safe

  • Keep small objects and household items out of reach
  • Store loose objects away and try to avoid leaving them lying around the house
  • Always keep an eye on your pet
  • Check toys/objects often for hazards like loose parts or broken pieces
  • Be sure to discard any packaging, including gift wrap, or ribbons — especially plastic wrapping