National Pet Month

What better way to share the joy of pet ownership than by taking part in National Pet Month, this year marking its 25th anniversary. Running from 1 April - 5 May, the charity has chosen the apt theme of 'Celebrating Our Pets' for 2014.

National Pet Month promotes responsible pet ownership and aims to raise money for pet charities across the UK. By encouraging supporters to organise and attend fundraising events, much needed money can be raised to help these charities do their very important work of caring for pets in need.

National Pet Month brings together people from across the UK with the common goal of improving the welfare of pets, from animal welfare charities, professional bodies and pet businesses, to schools, youth groups and pet lovers.

It's free to register as a National Pet Month supporter, and by signing up you can find out more about attending and staging events to celebrate the pets that bring us so much joy and happiness.

Are you planning to take part in National Pet Month? Let us know in the box below.