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It’s important to compare the veterinary cover carefully when choosing pet insurance.
We asked Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick what to look out for.

Supervet on choosing pet insurance

"Not all pet insurance is the same - choose wisely to get the best care for your animal."

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Supervet on cheap pet insurance

"It's about value over many years rather than looking for a short-term deal"

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Supervet on vital pet insurance questions

"Every pet parent should ask these 3 questions before they insure their pet..."

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Supervet on diagnostic tools

"Cover restrictions can limit the diagnostic tools at your vet's disposal"

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Top Insurance
Questions Answered

1. Why should you get pet insurance?

Pet insurance can help you cover the cost of veterinary bills. Vets can do more for pets than ever before but costs can quickly mount up. Having Petplan insurance allows you to get your pet the best care without worrying about the cost. You may be surprised to know that you are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or home insurance.

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2. When should you get pet insurance?

As early as possible! Pets can get ill or injured at any time so it’s important to make sure you have cover in place to help you cover the cost of any veterinary treatment needed. Policies do not usually cover pre-existing conditions so if your pet already has a skin condition when you insure them you would need to continue to pay for treating this. If however you had insured them with Petplan before they developed a skin condition this would have been covered.

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3. What does Petplan pet insurance cover?

1. Vet's bills
2. Third party liability insurance
3. Purchase price
4. Hospital visits
5. Death from illness or injury
6. Theft or loss
7. Complementary treatment

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More expert advice on pet insurance

Not all pet insurance is the same. It’s important to look for a policy that won’t let you and your pet down rather than a cheap short-term deal.

Cheap pet insurance limits

Cheap policies with restrictive cover may cost you more in the long run

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Think best cover not best price

The 3 key questions to ask when comparing pet insurance policies

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Avoid hidden limits

Hidden limits can restrict the care you can afford for your pet

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Choose the best policy for your pet

Lifetime vs. Time Limited pet insurance

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When Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Whatever the age of your pet, we've got you covered

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Pet Insurance glossary

Petplan's A-Z of pet insurance – your go-to guide for all things pet

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How much does pet insurance cost?

Find out what factors affect the price of your pet insurance

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No penalty for claiming

No penalty for claiming Getting your pet the best care without worrying about the consequences

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Why you should get cat insurance

Covering expensive vet bills and other benefits of cat insurances

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Why you should get dog insurance

Covering expensive vet bills and other benefits of dog insurance

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What does pet insurance cover?

And what are the common exclusions when taking out pet insurance

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Why should you insure your pet?

The benefits of pet insurance

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Types of pet insurance policies

It's important you choose a policy type that meets your needs

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Third party liability dog cover

Accidental damage or injury caused by a dog can happen to any owner, at any time

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Is pet insurance worth it?

Get the right treatment for your pet when the unexpected happens

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