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Physical & online consultations i
Physical & online consultations
We cover the costs of telephone/video consultations as well as face to face vet consultations to give you the flexibility to choose how your pet is treated.

Physical & online

Diagnostic tests i
Diagnostic tests
We cover the cost of MRI scans, CT scans and ultrasounds so your vet can diagnose problems quickly.


Prescription medicine i
Prescription medicine
We cover medicines that have been prescribed when your pet is unwell (doesn't include routine care like fleas or worming).


Surgery & specialised care i
Surgery & specialised care
When needed for an injury or illness, we cover the cost of surgery and specialist procedures, like chemotherapy.

Surgery &
specialised care

Physiotherapy & recovery therapies i
Physiotherapy & recovery therapies
Along with physiotherapy, we also cover complementary treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation, plus 10 sessions of hydrotherapy for each illness and injury.

Physiotherapy &
recovery therapies

Hereditary conditions i
Hereditary conditions
A condition that your pet has inherited or is predisposed to such as hip dysplasia. We will cover conditions that haven't shown symptoms before the start of your policy.


Behavioural conditions i
Behavioural conditions
Including therapy and drugs for behavioural problems such as separation anxiety or reactivity. We don't set hidden limits so you can claim up to the vet fees maximum benefit.


Congenital conditions i
Congenital conditions
An illness that exists since birth but doesn’t necessarily show symptoms right away. We will cover conditions that haven't shown symptoms before the start of your policy.


Dental illness & injury i
Dental illness & injury
Our cover includes the cost of treating dental illnesses and injuries, you just need to make sure you keep up with your pets annual veterinary dental checks.

Dental illness
& injury

Cancer treatments i
Cancer treatments
With our cover your vet can choose the most appropriate and successful treatment for the type of cancer your pet has such as surgical removal, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation.


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