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Before you start your claim

  1. Check if your vet is able to submit a claim on your behalf, this is the fastest way to get information to us.
  2. If they can, you don’t need to do anything else, your vet will submit your claim through their system.

My vet can’t submit a claim on my behalf

Register for our new customer area, My Petplan, to submit your claim online. We’ll prepopulate your pet details once you’re logged in, and you’ll be able to view all of your policy details including your excess amount, any policy exclusions, and your vet fees limits.

  • We will let you know as soon as we have received your claim from your vet.
  • We pay 90% of claims within 5 working days once we receive the claim form.
  • Our experienced team are ready and waiting to help, and will be in touch if we need any more information about your claim.
  • Your claim form will be sent to your vet to review and complete, so we won’t have your claim straight away.
  • Once your vet has completed the required information we will let you know that we have received your completed claim form.
  • We pay 90% of claims within 5 working days once we receive the claim form from your vet.
  • Our experienced team are ready and waiting to help, and will be in touch if we need any more information about your claim.
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Common Vet Bills claim FAQs

Can Petplan pay my vet directly? How does this work?

Yes we can pay your vet directly if they are happy to receive payment in this way. In most cases, your vet can submit an eclaim which is the fastest way to get the information to us. This means you won't be out of pocket and they'll even submit the claim on your behalf.

If you check with your vet and they can’t submit an eclaim, please use our online form above to submit your claim. You can still select whether we should pay your vet or reimburse the policyholder if you have already made payment.

My vet hasn't completed my claim form, what shall I do?

If your vet hasn't completed their part of your online claim form it is best to speak to them directly to make sure they know it is with them or if they haven't processed it for another reason.

How can I check I am covered before going ahead with treatment?

To get an idea of whether you will be covered for a particular treatment it is best to speak to our claims service team on 0330 102 6735. We cannot tell you for certain what will be covered, but we can look at your policy type, past claims, vet history if we have it, exclusions and your benefits level to tell you if something won't be covered.

How can I check the progress of a claim I’ve submitted?

When we’ve received your claim we will send you confirmation, if you haven't received this yet the form might still be with your vet so it is best to check with them. If we have confirmed that we’ve received your completed claim form then please be assured that our pet experts are reviewing it and will send an update with the outcome as soon as possible. If we need any additional information from you or your vet, we’ll also be in touch.

I need a printed claim form

Please ask your vet to submit an eClaim to us or alternatively you can submit a claim electronically instead. We do send paper claim forms to vet practices that cannot submit eClaims. If you still need a paper form you can download an editable PDF claim form. Once completed by both yourself and your vet, please send it along with your invoices to [email protected].

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