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No penalty for claiming

We won’t suddenly raise your premium simply because you’ve claimed.

97% of claims paid

Over £5 million paid every week to help pets get the veterinary treatment they need.

Hassle-free claims

We can pay your vet directly and you can claim online. We pay 90% of claims in 5 working days.

Our policies cover some things other policies don't

We always offer these as standard:

Physical & online consultations i

Physical & online

Diagnostic tests i


Prescription medicine i


Surgery & specialised care i

Surgery &
specialised care

Physiotherapy & recovery therapies i

Physiotherapy &
recovery therapies

Hereditary conditions i


Behavioural conditions i


Congenital conditions i


Dental illness & injury i

Dental illness
& injury

Cancer treatments i


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We offer two types of cover packed with benefits

  12 Month Cover i Covered for Life® i
  12 Month Cover allows you to claim for each condition for 12months, after which the condition is excluded. Covered For Life® allows you to claim for the same condition year after year, so long as you renew your policy.
Veterinary fees i
Veterinary fees i
Including surgery, medicine and diagnostic tests such as MRI and X-rays
Up To £3,000 Per illness/injury
Up To £12,000 Per Policy Year
Ongoing treatment i
Ongoing treatment i
How long you can claim for recurring conditions such as skin conditions or arthritis
12 months
No time limitation
Complementary treatment i
Complementary treatment i
Including herbal medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy
Up To £500
Up To £2,000
Behavioural conditions i
Behavioural conditions i
Including separation anxiety and reactivity
Congenital, hereditary, hip-related and dental cover i
Congenital, hereditary, hip-related and dental cover i
Learn more about 12 Month Cover Learn more about Covered for Life®

Help from
Noel Fitzpatrick
and our team of experts

It's important to compare the veterinary cover carefully when choosing pet insurance. We asked Professor Noel Fitzpatrick what to look out for.

Supervet on choosing pet insurance

Supervet on choosing pet insurance

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Supervet on vital pet insurance questions

Supervet on vital pet insurance questions

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Supervet on cheap pet insurance

Supervet on cheap pet insurance

"It's about value over many years rather than looking for a short-term deal"

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Supervet on diagnostic tools

Supervet on diagnostic tools

"Cover restrictions can limit the diagnostic tools at your vet's disposal"

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We also offer a multi-pet discount if you have more than one furry friend

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