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Rabbit Insurance Policies

Our Covered For Life® policy will help you pay for the unexpected veterinary treatments your rabbit needs. It’s quick and easy to setup a policy online, so why not get a quote today?

Proud to be the UK’s favourite pet insurer

No.1 pet insurer

UK's No.1 pet insurer

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We can pay your vet directly

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90% of claims are settled within 5 working days

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No penalty for claiming

Our rabbit insurance policy

Pair of Rabbits

Our Covered For Life® policy will cover you against the ongoing costs of treating lifetime and chronic conditions, as well as short term illnesses and injuries.

Covered For Life®

To offer you greater peace of mind, our Covered For Life® rabbit insurance provides:

Covered for Life
  • Up to £2,000 in vet fees cover every year
  • Ongoing cover year after year so you can continue to claim for a condition as long as your rabbit needs treatment, provided you renew your policy without a break in cover
  • Additional cover of up to £750 per year for complementary treatment following a surgical procedure

Over 90% of our customers renew each year thanks to these ongoing benefits, which are instantly refreshed at the point of renewal.

Terms & Conditions

Covered for life®
Vet cost up to
£2,000 per year
Complementary treatment
£750 per year
Boarding fees
Missing pet advertising & reward
Pay Vet Direct
Legal Helpline
Online Claims Tracking

Excess and Premium Costs

What will my excess be and will my excess change?

Your policy will have fixed excesses that vary depending on factors such as the type of rabbit you have. To see the excess you would pay it is best to get a quote, but bear in mind this could change at your renewal.

As your Rabbit gets older we typically add a 20% excess when you claim at their 7th birthday, in addition to the fixed excess. This helps us keep premiums affordable for older Rabbits. But don’t worry, you will be advised of this change at least a year in advance.

How much does rabbit insurance cost? Will my premium change?

There are a number of factors that affect how much your rabbit insurance will cost, such as your rabbit’s age, breed and where you live. However, your premium is also influenced by increases in veterinary costs and advancements in veterinary medicine. These changing influences mean your premium will increase over the lifetime of your policy. However, Petplan will not increase your premium as a direct result of any claim you make.

Find out more about the costs of pet insurance and what can affect your premium.

What our customers say

Sally and Alexandra

Alexandra & Sally

April 2019

Very simple process! As I’d had to take my bunny to the emergency vets, I paid for her treatment that night and filled in a claim form. Within a week (over the Easter bank holiday!) I’d got my money back, deposited by Petplan into my account! Always been an amazing service, from the policy they offer to every staff member I’ve ever spoken to being incredibly helpful.

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