Petplan February prize draw winner: Catcuddles

Petplan’s monthly £500 prize draw continues to help UK animal rehoming charities keep up their great work.

February saw Catcuddles – a London-based cat sanctuary that helps pair unwanted cats with loving homes – bag the prize. We caught up with founder, Evina Koroni, to find out more about the important work they do and how the money has been used...

Hi Evina, how long have you been involved with Catcuddles?

“I began the project back in the autumn of 2009. I’d worked for other pet charities before but felt there was something more that could be done so I quit my job in banking, and set up Catcuddles."

"We make sure each and every cat that comes to us has a lifetime of support, meaning we never put any animal down who can enjoy some quality of life.

"Our ultimate goal is to get cats into, what we call, ‘forever loving homes’ – homes with responsible, caring owners who will look after a cat for the whole of their life.”

What is it about cats that you love?

“I would consider myself a lover of all animals rather than specifically cats. In fact, I was more of a dog person until I accidentally ran over a stray kitten in Greece. I took it back to my home (I’m originally from Greece) and nursed it back to health – I was completely smitten. Now I have two dogs and five cats myself.”

What are the biggest challenges you face at Catcuddles?

“Obviously getting funding is something that is always a big consideration but, for me, I feel the biggest challenge is spreading the message about responsible breeding.

"I think it’s crazy that in 2014 there are still people who don’t get their cats neutered, let them breed and not think about the consequences – all of which can lead to unwanted cats who get abandoned or neglected.”

What does the future hold for the charity?

“We’re looking to expand and open a new centre in North London which we are in the process of finalising. A benefactor is buying the property for us, so our fingers are tightly crossed that it goes through without any hitches.

"We’d also love to open a centre in central London where people who can’t get to our other centres would be able to get treatment and advice from specialists.”

What does the £500 prize from Petplan mean to Catcuddles?

“It’s come at a really important time for us and has gone towards the setting up of our North London centre. We really appreciate it and would ask anyone else who is passionate about cats to also get in touch and help in any way they can.”

Have you welcomed a rehomed pet into your family? Have you seen the great work Catcuddles do? Tell us your stories below…