Pets with style: The most stylish, groomed pets on social media

August was an exciting month here at Petplan UK, as with much anticipation we officially joined the Instagram community! From vet-approved advice and top pet tips, to community pet stories and cuteness overload, feel free to explore our Instagram page and give us a follow @petplan_uk. Take a scroll for all things fluffy and if you have a special pet story to share with us, get involved in the action and hashtag #PethoodStories.

With the debut of our new and shiny Instagram account, we decided to explore the most stylish cats, dogs and bunnies that have graced the gram. As well as humans showcasing their style on social media, pets of all shapes and sizes are now joining in the fashionable fun. Petplan would like to share some of the most gorgeously groomed animals we came across on our search...

1. Layla the White Boxer Dog

Layla is a playful boxer pup from Cheshire, who loves making new doggy friends, running on the beach, and posing for photos!

Layla keeps her beautiful white coat pristine with regular trips to the groomer. After a muddy trip to the beach, dog grooming is a necessity for looking great in her Instagram snaps!

2. Smoothie the Cat

Self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Fluff’ Smoothie is an Instagram sensation – with over 1 million followers!

With huge green eyes and a lion-like mane, Smoothie is a true inspiration for all cats out there – proving that with a commitment to cat grooming, anyone can achieve this look!

As a British Longhair, Smoothie’s long coat needs lots of brushing to ensure it stays in top condition.

3. Colin the Mini Lop

Colin is a fluffy, chestnut-coated Mini Lop loved for his affectionate nature and playful attitude. This rabbit rascal recently celebrated his 4th birthday and his favourite pastimes include munching on grass and playing with his toy treasures, specifically his cuddly carrot and stacking cups.

With his super soft and fluffy coat, Colin keeps on top of grooming himself as bunnies don’t tend to enjoy being bathed. However, a soft-bristle brush every once in a while suits him perfectly.

4. Mika the Siberian Husky

Sassy Siberian Husky, Mika, is an Instagram sensation recognised for her stunning snowy coat and ice-blue eyes. The 5-year-old British born husky loves spending time in the great outdoors and cuddling up with her owner Rebecca. Mika enjoys exploring during the different seasons, from splashing around in the river during the Summer to bouncing around in the snow in the Winter.

As a double-coated breed, Mika requires essential grooming maintenance including daily brushing, bathing and fur removal. During the Summer season, Mika sheds her entire undercoat to manage the warmer climate, which is the busiest time for pampering!

5. Thor the Bengal Cat

Thor needs some careful cat grooming to help him maintain his beautiful leopard-like coat. In fact, this striking spotted fur is partly why Bengal cats are one of the most popular cat breeds.

6. Ramsey the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This beautiful blue Staffy is quite the canine celeb, with an impressive 224K followers on Instagram. Ramsey balances his time with active mornings, including long walks and playing fetch and enjoys ending the day with a warm bubble bath and teddy bear snuggle. The British born Staffy also loves going on walking adventures with his partner in crime, Rebel the Red Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Ramsey sheds his sapphire coat annually, but requires weekly brushing to help keep any loose hairs under control.

Pet grooming tips

Regularly grooming your dog, cat or rabbit will help keep their fur in good condition by getting rid of tangles, dirt, burrs, or dust, and spreading natural oils through their coat.

Here are a few top tips:

Do you have a particularly stylish pet? Do you make sure to keep up with regular pet grooming? Let us know in the comments below...