Settling a new Kitten at home

Preparing for a new kitten

Take some time to prepare the environment ahead of your kitten’s arrival. Take care of any potential hazards in the home, such as putting away toxic cleaning fluids and blocking up small gaps. Ensure that you have a checklist of items they will need, including:

When your kitten arrives

Bring the kitten into a single room when they first arrive and allow them to stay there for a day or two. Don’t pressurise the kitten into doing things, just allow it to settle in and explore their new surroundings.

Avoid trying to smother the kitten with affection as they will be a little anxious and hesitant at first due to their new environment. After a few days, you can then give them more attention, as well as allowing the kitten to access different views of the house.

As your kitten decides to explore their new environment, just be sure to keep an eye on them so that they remain safe at all times.