How to Stop a Puppy From Biting

Although it’s important to play with your dog to develop your bond and encourage their own development, it’s important to stop play if your dog becomes overexcited.

Always be mindful that you’re not sending your puppy into a frantic state of mind during play and if you feel like this is happening, just stop at that level, let the dog settle down and return to them later.

Toys for puppy biting

Petplan’s behaviourist, Nick Jones, recommends toys which are strong and durable for dogs, particularly as these are the safest! Some appropriate toys to play with your puppy include:

How to stop a puppy from biting

If you find that the dog is diverting away from the toy and onto your hand, just bring your hand away and use a simple command like ‘no biting’.

Don’t shout at the dog, speak calmly with a flat voice. If that command is still not working and you’re feeling at a loss, then just stop there. Leave the room and let the dog calm down.

Return to the dog a few minutes later where you will find he or she is much calmer and you can return to your play and interaction with the puppy.