Lead Training Puppy Tips

Introducing your puppy to a nice soft collar or body harness will also help lead training. Once your puppy seems comfortable wearing the collar with the lead attached, you can begin to train your dog how to walk alongside you.

How to lead train a puppy for walks

Use food to lure your dog around a pre-prepared course of small obstacles in a back garden or spacious room. Use your voice to encourage your dog around the course as well as a few food treats.

You can break the guided walk up with ‘sit’ or ‘down’ commands depending on how the dog is keeping up. When moving off again, use a bright, enthusiastic voice. If your dog gets jumpy at any point, settle them down using the ‘sit’ command, so they don’t get too excited.

Problems you may experience with lead training

You can sometimes run into a few issues when lead training your puppy, however, they can be easily corrected:

Remember, consistency is key for the dog to understand that over-excitable behaviour results in the walk stopping temporarily.