Three heated cat bed recommendations

What better way to show your cat how much you care by providing a warm place to lie down during the dark and cold months? A heated bed can boost the immune system, help with joint pain and provide comfort for cats recovering from an operation. Here, we have chosen a range of products to cater for cats who might have a favourite place high up, on the floor or near you.


Kumfy Kradle by Danish Design

Danish Design is a widely available British brand, and its success lies in its eminently sensible pet products. The Kumfy Kradle cat radiator bed consists of a steel frame covered in soft Sherpa fleece, which simply fits onto the radiator. Holding cats up to 12kg (26lbs), the radiator bed comes in narrow or wide sizes to fit over different radiator types. It also comes in two prints and is easily washable. Cat owners have reported their feline sleeping in it even when the heating is off, showing it is a snug and safe place for a cat nap. Prices start from £16.98.

Thermal Ring Cat Bed by Tramps

If your older cat is no longer able to jump to great heights, making a warm bed on the floor is just as easy. The Tramps thermal bed by Manchester-based brand Scruffs is self-heating. With its comfy foam layer backed with reflective foil and sandwiched between the padding. By reflecting your cat's body heat back, this warm bed is always the right temperature for your feline. The donut-shaped bed is 50cm in diameter and lined in corduroy with a plush inner. Filled with 100% recycled fibre, it is machine-washable and available in three colours. Prices start from £29.70.

Self-heating Pet Pad by Ancol

It may not look exciting, but owners have recommended this simple heating pad - possibly, because some like to share the larger of the three sizes with their cat when sitting on the couch together. Like the Thermal Ring, it's made with a reflective material and is covered in soft fleece that is easily washable. Made in Walsall by family-owned company Ancol, this little blanket is ideal for protecting furniture, or to use as a base or layer for existing beds and carriers.

For particularly cold cats, you can also envelope your pet in it as they fall asleep. Prices start from £10.

How does your cat keep warm during the cooler months? We'd love to hear your stories and tips. If you'd like to share these on social media, just use #PethoodStories