3 top travel products for dogs

The Pets at Home Kurgo Wander car hammock seat cover, from £56


Our reviewer said: ‘My dog Goldie is still in the puppy stages and is constantly curious and doesn’t sit still, so driving with her can be a challenge,’ says owner Nina May. For her, a drive means going somewhere fun and this makes her even more wriggly! I had high hopes for this hammock, as having Goldie safely on the backseat makes driving less stressful. It took a bit of fiddling to fix it around the headrests but once it was on, it felt very secure. The hammock was durable and good quality – you could just leave it up all the time and take one side down if a passenger sits in the back. To stay on the right side of the law, I used it with Goldie’s harness attached to the seat belts. I’d definitely recommend it to other owners (along with doubling up with a harness) for long and short journeys.’

The Pets at Home Urban Pup car seat dog cradle, from £28


Our reviewer said: ‘I travel a lot with my eight-year-old dog, Wolf, so a “doggie seatbelt” is a great idea,’ says owner Beverly Friedmann. ‘There were no instructions with the cradle but it was easy to set up. Wolf is very easy going, so he settled into the cradle straight away (though he was a bit miffed at first at not being able to sit in the passenger seat!). It was the perfect size for his small frame and he even had a snooze in it. I felt happier knowing he was safely contained in the back. However, the cradle was a bit flimsy – it folds down so it can be easily stored away, but I’d prefer it to be more rigid, with a shorter seatbelt for safety. It’d also be good if it came with a cushion for extra comfort. I’d recommend this cradle, but perhaps not for a dog that’s larger or heavier than Wolf.’

Pictured: Wolf travelling around London while trying out the Pets at Home dog cradle

The Trixie Friends on Tour deluxe bike basket, from £29.99


Our reviewer said: ‘I bring Dagmar, my 11-year-old terrier-chihuahua mix to work at least once a week,’ says owner Noel Hamilton. ‘Attaching the basket to my bike was simple and Dagmar is a seasoned traveller, so he took to it right away. He enjoyed looking out at the world, and at me, from the carrier. The basket was more durable than I expected, and it was roomy enough for Dagmar to lie down comfortably inside. It has handy pockets and cosy padding, and I love the safety clip to stop dogs jumping out. It’s also easy to take on and off. I’d certainly recommend this basket to other owners – it’s made cycling to the office so easy that I’m now taking Dagmar there more often! The basket is large enough to fit a variety of sizes of dog but it’s probably not ideal for ones who might try to jump out.’