Five great Christmas presents for your rabbit

With so much to do in the fraught festive season, and so little time, we can easily overlook our fluffiest family members. But ticking the ‘rabbit Christmas present’ box on the to-do list doesn’t have to be difficult, or pricey.

What can I get my rabbit for Christmas?

Our research found that 11% of pet owners spend more on pets than on human members of their family. Of those, rabbit owners are the biggest spenders, with 55% opting to treat their bunny at Christmas.

To help you make those critical gift decisions for your very important family members, we’ve put together a few ideas for rabbit Christmas presents. Our mix of special purchases and DIY treats is sure to delight even the most discerning rabbit.

1. Homemade treat box

Rabbits love little more than destroying cardboard boxes, and luckily there are plenty of those lying around at Christmastime. Use one (or more) to make a treat box, in this way:

For an extra treat, add a little surprise inside the box, like a home-made bunny cracker, before you wrap it. This will be a great reward for them once they’ve finished digging through the barriers.

2. Christmas cracker, rabbit-style

Another improvised present is this easy-to-make Christmas cracker. It can be a really stimulating toy, and one that provides your rabbit with nutrients while acting as a boredom-breaker.

Take a cardboard toilet roll tube, and stuff it full of hay or leafy greens. Then wrap the tube in plain paper, twisting at the ends and tying with jute or natural string. Enjoy the fun as your bunny tosses it in the air and tries to get to the treats inside.

3. Christmas stocking

Many small animal toy and treat manufacturers put together special Christmas stockings for rabbits at this time of year. Ask at your local pet store or visit your preferred online retailer and search for ‘rabbit Christmas stocking’. Just be sure to check everything included is rabbit-safe!

4. Play tunnel

Rabbits need to feel safe and secure while resting, and these tunnels are readily available and great for your VIPs. Your rabbit will spend hours pushing around the tunnel, hiding inside it, chewing on it – and sometimes even grooming it! Opt for one that is made from natural materials and doesn't have any glue, metal or plastic fastenings. You can even get them covered in compressed hay for an extra special treat.

5. Digging pit

It’s natural for rabbits to burrow and dig, but there’s only so much your carpet can take. Give them an outlet for this natural behaviour by assembling a digging pit. If you have a garden, make a hole at ground level and insert a large flower pot, packing the earth tightly around the sides. Then fill it with child-safe sand or soil, perhaps even burying some apple branches or hazel twigs to mimic the roots rabbits find when digging in the wild.

If your rabbit is strictly housebound, try a toy sandpit or a cardboard box with shredded paper, and watch those little digging feet go.

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