Pet Census 2018

Use our interactive map to discover the results of the Petplan’s Pet Census 2018.

Pet Census 2018

The 2018 Pet Census is the largest pet ownership census to date, with over 60,000 pet owners from the U.K. taking part. As pet lovers ourselves and with over 40 years' experience helping keep the nations pets healthy, offering pet care and advice, we understand the important role pets play in our lives. Being the UK's number one pet insurance provider we wanted to understand how people's lives all over the country and in different regions are influenced by their pets, whether its decisions about where to live, work or even relationships, our pets shape them all.

The Pet Census provides us with unrivalled insight into the lives and attitudes of the UK's pet-owning households and their furry friends, and one key theme emerged: that pets are the family we choose. It's no longer just our immediate family members that we base decisions on, the research shows that our pets are now more important to us both as individuals and as part of the family, than ever. In fact:

  • 41% of owners referred to their pet as their best friend, and 44% call their pet their "baby"
  • 50% of owners claiming they had made at least one change to their work routine to suit their pets.

Explore the highlights of our census using the interactive map below to compare region by region across the UK how pet owners' lives are shaped by their "furry family". Click on the census symbols in each region of the map to find out more about the Pet Census results in that area. Then use the stories symbol to read some of our favourite pet stories shared with us.


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