A loving family companion always keen to be part of the action

A brave, athletic dog that needs a strong hand in their early training. They love to follow a scent and can jump walls and dig under fences in pursuit of its quarry – and can be very vocal when doing so!

Vital Stats

Size: Small to medium
Coat: Short and glossy, requires weekly grooming
Exercise: 2+ hours a day
Life span: 9+ years
Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, excitable
Size 34cm
Coat short
Exercise 2+ hrs Life span 9+years
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Beagle Temperament & Personality

Beagles are adaptable, versatile dogs with loving, curious natures.

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Beagle Training & Exercise

Beagles are inquisitive and energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise and stimulation to help keep them happy.

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Beagle Grooming

Beagle grooming is low-maintenance, as their fur is short and waterproof, providing protection from the elements.

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Health & Nutrition

Vets recommend that the best food for Beagles is a high-quality pet food

What to know before you buy or rehome a Beagle

Considering welcoming a Beagle into your home? Before you buy or adopt one, here are a few important things to remember.

Beagle insurance considerations

Choosing the right insurance for your Beagle can help keep them happy and healthy whatever happens. Conditions that we see they are prone to are not always covered as some other providers’ policies limit what they’ll pay for certain conditions, like cruciate ligament injuries. Others won’t cover your pet for dental illness or injury, or for congenital and hereditary conditions. With Petplan’s Covered for Life® dog insurance we have no additional limits for specific conditions or diagnostic tools.

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