An inquisitive, cheerful playmate for the whole family

Fun-loving, cheerful and active, the West Highland White Terrier is inquisitive, independent and makes a good family pet and playmate for those with younger children. Commonly known as a ‘Westie’, this is one of the most popular of the terrier breeds.

Vital Stats

Size: Small
Coat: Double coat, groom weekly
Exercise: 60 - 90 minutes every day
Life span: 10+ years
Breed group: Terrier
Temperament: Friendly, alert, confident
Size Small Coat Double
Exercise 1+ hrs Life span 10+years

West Highland White Terrier Temperament & Personality

Always on the lookout for something fun to do, this busy little dog is guaranteed to make you smile.


West Highland White Terrier Training & Exercise

Indoors and outdoors, Westies are very different dogs. Calm and quiet in the house, these fun-loving dogs will relish a run around outside.


West Highland White Terrier Grooming

Grooming is an easy business where the Westie is concerned, with minimal brushing and bathing required.

health and nutrition

West Highland White Terrier Nutrition

Westies have particularly sensitive stomachs and can be prone to food allergies and diabetes so the right diet is crucial. If you have concerns about your dog’s specific dietary requirements, you vet will be able to help you choose the right food.


What to know before you buy or rehome a West Highland White Terrier

Considering welcoming a lovable Westie into your home? Before you buy or adopt one, here are a few important things to remember.

West Highland White Terrier insurance considerations

Most Westies live long and happy lives, but they can suffer from specific health problems, like diabetes and skin conditions. That’s why it’s important that when choosing dog insurance, you consider the length of time policies cover different conditions. Petplan’s Covered For Life® plans refresh the veterinary fees each year allowing you to claim for ongoing conditions for the rest of your pet’s life providing there is no break in cover.

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