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Dog Breed Information, Facts & Advice

The world’s smallest dogs, Chihuahuas make good companions. They bond strongly with their owners, are quick-witted and easily trained – as long as you start early. They can be prickly around strangers as they like to have all of their owner’s attention for themselves.

Size: Small, 15cm – 22cm
Coat: Chihuahuas can be smooth-coated or long-coated. Both types require grooming at least once a week.
Exercise: Adult dogs need up to 30 minutes a day. Soft wide collars should be used as Chihuahuas can have fragile windpipes.
Life span: Usually 12+ years, although they can live as long as 20.
Breed group: Originally bred to amuse their owners and look beautiful, Toy dogs are usually small, attractive and extremely faithful, making them charming, loyal companions.
Size 15cm
Coat short/
Exercise up to30mins Life span 12+years

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