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A Bulldog’s key characteristics include a stocky build and determined expression. But despite their tough appearance, they are very sweet-natured and extremely loyal.

As Bulldogs are brachycephalic breed (having been bred to have a short muzzle), they can be at risk of certain health conditions. Find out when to look for when getting a Bulldog and how to care for them, from grooming tips to exercise and diet advice.

Size: Medium, with adult dogs weighing 19-25kg and growing 38-40cm in height
Coat: Short and smooth
Exercise: Around 30 minutes per day
Life span: Bulldogs have a life expectancy of around 6-10 years
Breed group: They are a member of the utility group and are related to many of the bull-type dogs that exist today, such as the Boxer and Bull Terrier. Also known as the English or British Bulldog, this is one of the UK’s oldest breeds.
Size 38cm
Coat Short
Exercise 30mins Life span 6+years

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