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Labrador Retriever
Dog Breed Information, Facts & Advice

The UK's favourite breed has come a long way from its hard-working Canadian roots, but today's Labrador still makes a reliable working dog because the breed is active, eager and easy to train. They adore getting wet and are naturally efficient swimmers, but their double coat is soon dried with a good shake. For a good-natured family pet, the Labrador is a sensible choice.

Size: Large, 53cm – 60cm
Coat: The Labrador's short, smooth coat is easy to maintain with a weekly groom
Exercise: 2+ hours a day for adult dogs
Life span: 10-12 years
Breed group: Labradors are gundogs, bred to flush out, locate or retrieve game shot down by hunters. They are usually highly trainable, keen to please and have a balanced, pleasant temperament.
Size 53cm
Coat short
Exercise 2hrs plus Life span 10-12years

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